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  1. Have you tried a different gear ratio? Add
  2. Better for Jim's room mate if he leaves his medication at home.
  3. From what I have figured so far the 1900 rear end will be good for generating grip and therefore would be better suited to a lighter body weight. When running the heavier bodies the 1700 will work better with the solid back end.
  4. Steve will be joining you in Mexico shortly.
  5. Pagey has left the country with the trophy.....
  6. We have a seventh team. Greg g force, Andrew bro and Michael.
  7. Team list updated. With Michael still looking for a drive, he can joking team armchair if their third can't make it or make a four man team. The slotworx shield will be up for grabs.
  8. Well you know the track Al and it would be good to have you back again.
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