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  1. In the postage section of the listing it says free. On mobile ebay most descriptions looks s#!t so I don't bother reading them (if they are readable at all). If I need to contact them for shipping there is an option to do so. Marking free shipping anywhere and then stating otherwise in the description is deceptive. If you went to an electronics store and it says Free 50" plasma when u buy a memory stick but then in the description it said that the 50" tv was $54000 what do you think the ACCC would say?
  2. gzminiz

    Greenslopes Raceway

    I keep going back and forth on a routed digital or analogue. This one makes me want a scorpius track (especially as space is limited for me so more room). How much do you have into the track roughly cost wise? The biggest thing for me is I can run 2 lanes and still race 3 or more cars. But cost is also a factor. Just an awe inspiring track you got.
  3. The last of the cars was posted on monday
  4. have you got pits working? that was the one thing I never got working that I really wanted to, never was able to get the flippers.
  5. gzminiz

    The Matrix

    what are the dimensions of the track?
  6. gzminiz


    We just had a 4hr enduro at Armchair racer and both tracks were straight (very well painted - at around 600 grit wet & dry paper) Ferrodor. We run for almost 2hrs with Slot-it P22's before a change - can't see the V8 tyres at Bathurst lasting that long. My track is straight Ferrodor and yes the MJK's I normally run will last about 3 hrs racing. Best part when friends, son and grandkids come over the Scaley, Ninco's and SCX tyres handle pretty good. If I'm supplying 4-6 cars for friends and family, that is too much maintenance and cost for me. Its looks like the Rolex car is lacking rear end grip, then again levitation could be the way to go Less friction inducing drag with levitation
  7. gzminiz


    I would think clear coating a smoothercersion of ferodor would make it similar to chalkboard paint? Any one used or raced on both?
  8. I love it. So much I want to duplicate it. Can u tell me where u got the decals?
  9. Thank you LB. I have all the cars boxed up ready to head home. I have some that I don't have addresses for, I will pm those tonight again. I will post any I do have addresses for tomorrow afternoon. I hope I have not caused any inconvenience in the (far longer then I wanted) delay in shipping.
  10. gzminiz

    Car Maintenance

    Nils - The top is ferodor and pretty rough, MJK's and some ninco tyres work well on the track. All should be trued. As for braid, I use a lot of ninco pro-race, but that is just preference, it is soft and wears well. I fit it to whatever guide needs braid replacing though you can buy guides pre fitted with braid. The tyres should be resting on the track rather then just the guide. we call that a "tripod" when just the rears and guide touch Vacuum and wipe the tape periodically and once in a great while, i wipe the whole track with metho's to clean up the rubber but you want it to build up a little bit.
  11. Another Eno track thread? rater then horses use some yellow tongue or folding legs built into the bottom of the track maybe.
  12. gzminiz

    Something To Avoid

    oh my. "Text speak" and "Internet speak" is interchangeable these days. So basically they banned internet speak from an internet forum. Next up: English will not be used in English classes.
  13. Hey Duke, after reading a couple of Nils's threads last night I got the impression that you might be the guy who he bought his track from. Is this correct? If so, Simone, my partner, holds you totally responsible for my slot problem, and for possible further upcoming matrimonial issues in the Tolmie area as all the guys spend too much time at Nils's shed. You have created a monster! Cheers Woody You can just call me Eric, The Duke is the name of my next slot track after selling mine off to nils. I should of added a disclaimer to the sale of the track indemnifying myself.
  14. Hi Eric, can you please pass my car to Chris when you see him? Cheers and thanks again, Steve. Yeah, will make trip around the eastern burbs dropping off cars this week. I can drop it off at your work on friday if you prefer
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