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    Pretzel Logic Raceway

    Thanks muchly Count, I think you have just demorilised , AH I mean encouraged most of us "Modelers". This is simply the most INSANE slot car project considered never mind achieved. Please continue to show us updates. P.S. Is this 1 of those new GoldCoast Theme parks

    Need More Power

    Yes I did use the Scalextric Analogue to run my Lc's.

    Need More Power

    My track is now at 70 foot with 8 Lc's, Running 2 cars is awesome but after the 3rd car we start to lose power. Gets boring when you cant crash. Running the normal 4 car Pb unit with the Lc's all running off the Scalie power supply 15volt. No I am not keen on running the Lc's on a diferant power supply. As I followed instructions off these page's using my old analogue power supply to run Lc's. Was good for a few days until 1 short burnt out 3 Lc's at once. What kind of power supply can I source to give the extra grunt needed without spending big dollars?. Does digital require something special from a power supply? Thanks heaps guys, Yes I did read through the threads but hope there are better alternatives than a $300 Dick smith unit.

    V8 Supercars

    Just go's to show that money (or Greed of) screws up most things for the majority. We all know that if there was no governing rules in certain (research) place's our sport would be up the crapper.4 car teams would have twice the advantage of 2 car teams ETC. The kelly's are now adopting a nascar setup for their team which I say could change the direction of how teams are run today. Too much to say on that but for interested parties go check out what the Team Kelly gang is up to on their OLD MANS property.

    V8 Supercars

    In agrreance that there are TOO MANY rules now, That last race was as entertaining as a toy train set to watch. KISS- if your bonnets all the way down the door pillar on the inside , its your corner. And a bit of barging is great, back only a handfull of years ago[wanders off into some story about "When I was a Boy"]. If it wasnt for the selected few who can afford ALL the spares aswell as heaps of TECH research allways winning, we'd be happy, well most of us anyway?. At preasent it SUX as a championship go's and the Lownds, Kelly incident hasnt taught them a thing.
  6. As far as realism go's, I was under the belief that the commodore had a shorter wheel base than the falcon in real scale. The models are opposite to this which is the only problem as it leaves "The Class" with 2 differant speed (handling etc) cars, that should be more comparitive in lap times. Any ways this is going in a tangent but so long as a "Class" is comparitive in racing who give's a toss about how it rates against other class cars. We long ago stopped racing several Class cars in the same race. (Just ask Dicky Johnson about that 1(Bathurst)).
  7. Bloke I love your track and efforts. Right I see the V8's, I see the Booze Wheres the grid girls Huh ????

    Moving Lc Sensors

    I should have asked in the first post, But has any one experienced cars being to fast for the flipper ? Thus needing to change the distance.

    Moving Lc Sensors

    I have a long track with 7 LC's. Problem is on 1 of my Cnrs I am carrying super speed and can out run the flipper often, If not hitting the ruddy thing very hard throwing the car backwards and into the air(No broken chassis yet ) Funny thing is it nearly allways reslots So I decided to lenghten the distance between the sensor and flipper moving it back nearly an 2cm. Problem Solved. And so far it has NOT stolen a Leading car or had a second car change the flipper back yet. [Cross's fingers] Also I have some corners where I wanted the LC not to be the lead in corner. This meant pulling out the board from the half straight and then affixing it under a Corner peice. Wasnt as difficult as I thought. Making sure that you make that new sensor hole the correct distance away from flipper. Anyways Im wondering if any one else has has done this. I prefer corner LC's to straights, Probably due to the ability of sending the car into controlled slides.
  10. DARREN

    Lowndes 888 Betta Car

    Ha hahaha I bought the Ambrose Murphy Bathurst set from my LOCAL tasmanian store 2 weeks ago for wait wait $110-. My wife was not pleased when I showed up with 3 sets. Sold 2 Ambrose cars and 2 Murphys on ebay for a tidy profit leaving me with heaps of free left over's + 2 cars to boot. They were turning over some old stock ? WHAT YEAR IS IT ?. Gotta love Tassie for staying up to date. Any car that had channel 10 on the window was being sold for less than $35- Dam no Dicky Johnsons left over. I must admitt that I paid $50 a month ago foe the Betta Elec car missing the rear spoiler. And thought I was paying to much. All my cars are Autographed, Do you guys think that makes them more Valuable. Bloody Murph used silver pen all over the windscreen I have Lowndes and Wincup's signature on a Vodaphone 888 car(Bathurst).
  11. I dont give a RATS how the V8's race compared to other class's, So long as the Holdern and Ford operate on an equal playing ground. I have 10 autographed v8's atm and a couple of other class's used for spares and bashing around the track. Currently just shy of $2k spent since Christmass on scalextrics digital set up (Not Retail Iether). And I spent all this time and money Purely and Solely because I'm and Aussie V8 fan and Scalies have made a TOP NOTCH job on the detail of MY all time favourite race. (Currently modeling a MOB of Roo's pushing rocks off the mountain top toting holder flags). I dont understand what so much complaining is about, Crickey they are finally bring out an SLR Torana. As youve all stated we are a tiny market. And as allready stated in comparison a nascar or jag v12 can do the Bathurst track quicker than the v8's. So they would be TRUE to scale with this thought in mind. Anyways my point is Ive come into this hobby due to 1 thing only AUSSIE V8's- and Im stoked with the finnished product.
  12. JRob stick it to them and I'm right beside you, and agree with all your points regarding sales. I allready DO use the above shops, as I have found their eBay store's,sometimes to be cheaper than retail after postage. I like scalextrics reasons for NO JIMBEAM cars, They dont want alcohol promotions in the hands of kiddies. The fact that RED BULL is everywhere and I know 2 people, 35 and under who If they drink RB again can cause seriouse Heart Issue's even DEATH. Why cant they make these highly sort after products as an "AFTER MARKET PRODUCT" Or at least for us modellers put out "a stock standard" car without livery so we can decal our own vehicles. And charge us the reported $15 (Skaife) less, because it does'nt have some greedy buggers fingers in the pie
  13. Well that sux, I have the same issue ATM. Only 1 car does this and I cant find the problem YET. Its not the controllers as they were first things I swapped over. So far I have totally isolated it down to the 1 chip playing havoc, BUT the WHY hasnt been worked out yet. Edit-Problem fixed, The chip caught fire whilst testing it. Quite exciting for a minute, until I realised that Winterbottom's car was not impervious to flames. I think an exposed wire earthed out. Unsure but now I will just buy another chip and ASSUME the issues are over.
  14. Ooih and what about us Tasswegans (State of Origin). The noise I'm discovering is poor meshing of gears, this means more money spent on original purchase. I'm a v8 fan so that's were my money will go, But I simply cant JUSTIFY helping my local retailer when he sells better quality cars at 2/3's the cost, than those that I want, The V8's. So its off to eBay unfortunately. I reckon the extra monies gotta be going to DRIVERS who's names appear on the cars. Anyways there is no excuse for the price of these with today's technology. Considering they are probably ripping off some poor sod's in china to build them.
  15. DARREN

    V8's In 09

    Amen Brother, Thank Goodness for Rusty taking over the main drive seat. Morris has been our worst driver for the last couple of years. Not discounting Rick (tap tap) Kellys effort at phillip Island, Not that Im trying to start a war or anything here Sappy Feelanerd gets my vote
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