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  1. Hi All hoping you may by able to help, im new to Ninco Digital, i would like to have a better/constant power supply to my track. i believe some guys have been using DS3800 supply, long term i want to head towwards scorpius, but in the mean time want to prepare track etc. I use PCLC so on the final lap i want to have the cars continue to drive rather than the powerbase cut the power? Does anyone know how this works and how to hook it up, Ive seen threads and you tube posts showing they have modify the powerbase but how is it done, And if supplying power direct to the rails what controls the cars?. By supplying power direct to the rails does this means that the ninco powerbase will still count laps etc but not cut the power to the cars at the end of a race PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks redvanth
  2. redvanth

    Redlands Raceway

    Hi to me it seems to be pretty much instant. I have noticed no delay. thanks red
  3. redvanth

    Redlands Raceway

    Hi Charles You are right it is digital. I am a huge SCX digital fan. I am so happy that i chose this system. As BP stated its not 100% perfet but i feel its pretty close. Ill try my best to explain how the system works. You can run up to 6 cars at any one time on 2 or more lanes. Each car has a digital chip. On top of this digital chip is a small arm know as the LC ARM ( lane change arm).The LC arm moves up and down by pressing a button on your controller. The guide pin in the car has a small dropper/plunger. When you press the Lane change button on your controller the LC arm goes down which in turns presses the dropper/plunger down. Now in the cross over peices on the track they have a small lever in the slot. When your cars LC arm presses down the plunger this then hits the lever in the crossover peice and makes the guide pin in the car change lanes. So once your guide is through,the lane returns back straight. No car can follow you unless they also press there lane change button. Also these lane changes can go anywhere, and you can have as many as you like. even if your sliding you can still activate a lane change. So the lane change requires no power at all. It is totally mehanical. The entire system relise on the digital chip. If you need a replacement chip the cost is only about $25. or if your handy,i just replace a small part on the chip for $1.85. Occassionally after lots of crashes the cars get damaged. No matter which system you get you have this problem. The entire system runs on 1 2 or 3 power supplys. 2amps 18v each. Unlike other systems if you added accessories like lap towers lighted bridge chronometers these do not take away from the cars power, SCXD has whats know as the powerline. This is an independant line of power running seperate to the track power.This power line is built into the track peices. To the naked eye it not really noticeable. This power line controls the accessories. This is how they can get the system to work with no power loss to the cars. Out of the box this is by far the best system available. The standard pit box set up will allow you to program braking on the cars, set the fuel tank limits per car and individual car speed programming. The individual speed programming is great when i race my kids, I can race in full speed and they can be in precision(kids) mode. Some of the great features are the qualifying options. This is good to pre deterime the starting grid. Another good feature is the when a car begins to run out of fuel it begins to spatter. The car will actually run really jerky and hobble back to the pits. if you dont make it back then your out of the race. Also the car will drive differently with a full tank of petrol. Once you start to burn fuel the car will become faster hence less fuel means its lighter. SCX have really worked hard to perfect this system. At first it was a bit crappy but they have worked really hard to make better cars and better digital accessories. The Scxworldwide.com website is great place to get info. the tech support on this site from the mangement from SCX is fantastic. Australia has a new distributor and he is really good and helpful so I look forward to a good future in Australia for SCX Hopefully my info has helped. Cheers Redvanth
  4. redvanth

    Redlands Raceway

    Hey Chas The SCXD system runs mehanical cross overs. The great thing is no power needed for lane changing. I have had my track running with 3 power supplys which plug straight into the pitbox control unit run about 85ft of track 6 cars lap tower and a chronometer with no troubles. SCXD is a very good out the box product. In the eraly years it was a bit crappy but the past couple of years it has become a great product and pretty much the best after sales service from all over the globe. SCXD is great!!! Cheers redvanth
  5. Hi Aussie slotter I have just found this website and seen your product... Sorry to sound stupid but is this product now available for sale And where cacn i get basic sort of information. Im not a real guy. I bought a SCX digital because out the box it seemed pretty easy to work with. Now that im addicted to slots i think it could be time to move on and up!!! cheers redvanth
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