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  1. Hey men, Could I get a clarification on rules for the up coming V8 ute series please? Is it the same weights min, spur widths, wheel diameters min and max, ground clearance as the V8 Supercar series or are there ant changes? Cheers Jason
  2. Enjoy the high seas Pagey. Looking forward to running one of the best cars I've ever had the pleasure of driving again. Slotworx is an absolute joy to run, should be another great enduro. Cheers Jason
  3. All good Jan, just curious what the bodies look like. I have been following the European guys running GFK bodies and I can't fathom paying hundreds of dollars for a car body. So to hear Andrew has taken the time to create these bodies is fantastic news. Looks great Warrick. I'm a massive Corvette fanboy so the C7 will be high on the list of first bodies to purchase. Cheers
  4. A fantastic event to be a part of. Huge thanks and congrats to the 2 Canberra teams, as well as the Sydney slot shop who raced extremely well on a track that can be demanding and tricky at times. I had an absolute blast racing the best car I have ever driven. Cam built a very special car, handling and speed was something I never experienced before in a car. Thanks to Jim and Cam for asking me to join their team, like I said it was a very enjoyable race and to come away with the win was fantastic. Thanks to Brooksy for taking the time to organize, promote and run the event. To all the teams, great racing and some very fast drivers. Hard luck to the Torro Rosso boys on a chunky wheel early in the event. Thanks for the reminder to breath Pagey. Big shout out to Steve for pulling on the Holden shirt, must have been very tough to wear it. Looking forward to the next event, possibly in the nations capital. Cheers Jason
  5. Looking forward to the racing and laughs. Jim and Cam have decided to handicap their efforts with a questionable 3rd driver lol.
  6. Congrats Glenn on taking out the 2016 championship, and to Chris and Brooksy for the podium finish. Well done Brooksy on all the reports and effort put in to the race coordinating, Charlie Whiting would be impressed.
  7. Jo Sonja and Matisse are sold at Riot art shops, and all major art supply stores.
  8. Awesome class of racing, and the great paint jobs ad to the enjoyment. The HRT commodore is Charles i believe Jimmy. Cheers Jason
  9. AFL Grand Final weekend.....better book accommodation early Jason
  10. Try mobile raceways in Dandenong http://www.mrslotcar.com/category141_1.htm Cheers Jason
  11. That is an amazing build FOLA. I have been stalking your photobucket pictures and there are some of the most fantastic model builds i have ever seen. Do you make car bodies to order FOLA or have a store site? Cheers Jason
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