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  1. Roman

    Wtb Fly Bmw M1

    Hi Kart Driver, May be I can help if still interested. I have quite a few of them, non-racing ones..... both mint and near mint. Any particular one that you are after? I am also in Melbourne (eastwards) so pickup possible to save on postage ;-)
  2. Roman

    Very Sad News

    My heartfelt thoughts to his family as well. As Chris O. says, a real gentIemen and amazing person who did not hesitate to respond to end customer issues directly. Just to share one here: Last year I bought the black GT40 NSR body through one of this site's sponsors and upon its arrival I noticed that it was completely missing the back panel (this was a limited series so pretty hard to get a replacement). Well, I got in touch with the local distributor who replied that he will follow up with NSR and recommended that I should do so directly as well... which I did. About week later, I received personnal email from Salvatore himself apologising for the delay due to them being caught in the organising of NSR WRE. Knowing who he was, we exchanged few emails and from there I could tell that he was that type of person who had all the time to talk and listen to the end customer.....very rare trait indeed to find amongst most of today's CEOs. Suffice to say that I hold on to those emails and use them whenever I need to, to show the exemplary customer support that I got from NSR back then. Yes, I got the painted part via the distributor and it matched perfectly. Salvatore, may you now find peace in Heaven. Your contribution to this hobby has been nothing short of amazing. Right from the NSR beginnings, the cars you gave us continued to be the best 'out of box' performers and "Made in Italy" which made it even so special.
  3. Roman

    F1 Cars

    For magnetless racing, I would put my money on the Proslot Ferraris. Very competitive once few obvious things get sorted. If you can get hands on one, here's a link how to go about fixing it: http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=43940 After I got couple of these myself, I then got rid off the Ninco Steward and Ferrari which I raced before then. The more recent Scaley F1s are often overpowered and their wheels spin like crazy once the magnet is removed. They usually need change to gear ratios ...depending on track they will be raced on (e.g. for faster tracks get pinion with more teeth). The hardest part is getting the right pitch pinion that mashes well and fits tight on the motor spindle of those slimline motors. Having said that, the modern 'classic' Mclaren M25s and Ferraris 312T3s however go quite well without any mods.
  4. G'day Robert, I could give you two. Whereabouts are you located? I commute to city, late shifts so you could pick them up from there....5 minute walk from Souther Cross station. These are from Ged's. I bought the whole pack of him few years back but I mainly bought them for the tyres so I am happy to give you a pair of the green hubs if that's all you want. cheers Roman
  5. I'll add to the long list of greetings. Have a good one Jamie and thank you for all the help and slotty stuff you have sourced for me in the past. Enjoy the day and hope you have a healtht/wealthy ;-) year. Roman
  6. Howdee GT40...just wondered if you could send a pic of the packaging. I think it would be really helpful for the rest of us. There's so much other crap on the market and while the one you have works wonders, others may not be up to the job. cheers Roman
  7. Roman

    My Track In Canberra

    Allright..... now I see what cars you're into. Great routed track...Steve. It goes without saying that all good tracks should have at least one long straight. Just looking at all those photos of yours, how I wish I had the space to do the same. While my room is 'decoraded' with slot cars (no way of hiding being a 'slot nut') many are stored away in boxes and so I rotate them on display from time to time for my pleasure. cheers Roman
  8. Thanks for the compliments Steve. So you were into diecasts? Yeah, I have a couple of hundred myself but not as many as you. I primarily the Matchbox stuff as a little kid and I have quite a number of Yesteryear's dating pre 1970's ...the only ones worth collecting as far as workmanship goes. Funny how the later mass produced diecast stuff does not have the charm of the 30year+ stuff when things were more or less handcrafted...but I am digressing. I love slot cars for the same reason as you do. They move and they are not as hard on the maintenance as for instance the remote control stuff (got into that too in my younger years). Actually I must have caught a bit of a bug again lately.....it must be this forum Since the start of this year.... I added another 9 cars to my collection ...oh well, some you just gotta have them.....like the Fly F40 'Time'. Lucky on that one as I must have got the last one left from one of this forum's sponsors. I was thinking of getting another but week later they are nowhere to be found. Finally, I also managed to get the second car that Fly made, the Fly A2 which is the 'brother' to A1 ...quite pleased with that one too. Routed tracks are the best although they can be hard on tires and you get more scratches too since the surface paint tends to be more abrasive. I just try to do my best in keeping running my cars fast but 'clean' . A bit busy at work at the moment but some time after March I should have more time to go through my entire collection again to decide what to part away with....probably something I have doubles or more. For instance I have some Fly S100 Vipers ....but these are mainly for diehard Fly collector. I'll keep this forum in mind. What are you into? Aussie V8, LeMans? F1's any particular brand or vintage? cheers Roman
  9. Cliffy, you are sharp!!! Actually they came out when I was hitting the crossroads... but I almost bought a kit then. From what I have read, building one up properly takes weeks. Not exactly a 'steal' either and at the time I just wished I had poured less into the Fly's S100's. The MRRC Clubman series were another great slots I missed out on. Roman
  10. That's an understatement, youv'e got that many cars I'm surprised you havent turned into one. Hey Jamie, thank you and same to you and your family. Hopefully this will keep me a bit away from my everyday job. As you know I lost a bit of contact since 2006. I will try real hard not to get that membership though. I almost hit a four digit number back then. You get to a point where it's no longer possible to enjoy them even from collector's point of view. You start to feel and 'act' like a slot car distributor.....ie. "let's see what we have here and there....oh, I did not even know I had this...... I wonder why did I get so many of these???? You know what I mean. I still feel anything over 500 is way too many for a small collector with limited time so I still have some way to go......the other way I mean. Cheers and talk to you now and then. Roman
  11. Hi guys, I am way up east in Mitcham area. I used to come regularly to Ged's in Preston in the early 2000's but then our company moved. I work late shifts and it's impossible for me to make Tuesday/Thursday nights. Hope Ged still drives the white Falcon EA manual S Pack which he bought of me in 2005. Say hello to him, those who see him regularly...may have to come and say hello one day myself. Dave don't get me wrong, I am not a Holden hater either. I appreciate all Ozzie stuff and Holdens are part of it. If the Scaley Torana turns true, I will be having a go at one of the Brockie's SLR5000 Marlboro jobees.....still would love to see the Bob Jane Fords alongside too. As for collecting/racing slots I tend to have a bit of everything and mostly mint too. Actually I just finished my inventory as it needed to be done after I thinned my collection quite a bit in 2008. Here it goes: 20 Carreras - they make some beautiful bodies but as you know most would do with some 'dieting' and therefore I hardly buy them anymore. 10 Cartrixes - they make great classics but the motors are somewhat inconsistent in them - better to fit NC-1s or Proslot Evo 1s instead 200 Flys - Didn't I mention I went a bit overboard in the early 2000s??? 5 GOMs - The Alfa GTVs drive nicely with minimal mods. As for the rest don't bother. 15 Monograms - mainly new shelf queens....they still have to discover how to make race style chasis...just like Carrera does 30 MRRCs - old and new. One amongst the best true to scale slot car manufacturers...although not as detailed as others. Chassis/motors usually need some sorting out 120+ Nincos - I only try to get the "good ones" but there are so many and some great liveries too. 15 Pink Cars - mainly the Ferrari 250 GTOs (very accurate 1/32 scale) plus few Buggati type 59 (not as accuate as the Ferraris but a blast to drive with the SCX motor and motor adapter. 60 Proslots - Detailand finish not that great but when sorted, they are hard to beat next to Slot.It. Yeah, agan a bit overboard...particularly on the Toyota GT1's 110 Scaleys - Yep, not as many now as I have offloaded quite a few throughout 2008 50 SCXs - "Best bang for bucks on the cheap" ...and they've been only getting better over the years 60+ Slot.Its - What more to add, I am like everyone else...this one just keeps on growing ...if Slot.It went public I would probably buy some of their shares and then use the dividends to buy more of their cars ....win-win for everyone situation 5 Spirits - Them 'floating chassis' Renault 5s go well around corners 1 Racer - The one and only Porsche 935....as this is the closest one they've made to 1/32 scale. The classic Ferraris are beautiful works of art but way too disproportionate to my liking given the top $ asked. 20+ - A mix of Topslot, Teamslot and Vanquish brands..... plus the usual 1/32 scale kits waiting for my retirement years.....which are at least quarter of a century away I've done also a handful of repaints/re-decals such as the unfinished Brockie and Jim Richards Bimmers in my Avatar. In my younger years I used to be more active in scratchbuilding however my profession is a "time-killer" and therefore these days lovering and tuning RTR slots is as far as I dare to venture. Finally, just so that you know, I lack one "defficiency"....I do not know how to magnet race. I've never ever done it. Magnets are the first thing my race cars lose and only return if they are put on 'used car market'.
  12. oh well, why not.....I finally registered after more than 4 years. I have been on and off this forum ever since its inception around May 2004 and it's amazing to have seen it grown over those years this far. My thanks go to Jamie B. (itelectrical) for pointing it out to me back then. Every time I come back, I tend to spend inordinate hours sifting through the wealth of information across all the categories ..... good on you guys!!!!! (n.b. I don't suppose you have female members???....No!!! impossible...stupid question of me, really) As for myself, I have been collecting 1/32 slots for as long as I can remember (1981 wild guess??) although my collection got seriously out of hand between the years of 2000 - 2006.....shortly after I hit few snags/limitations. For once I ran out of storage space (I don't have my own house as yet) and for second I got 'fright' from the "figures" spit out by my inventory database....I know too well that computers don't lie if humans don't make mistakes . I am certain these numbers alone would qualify me for the 'slot car freak membership'. Yes, I have gone 'soft' considerably in the past two years with only "couple a month addiction habbit"..... although I can fully relate to the likes of Davnic74 and gref in my heydays. These days I am just trying to find the right balance between my work (IT) and this wonderful hobby ....with some difficulties I might add!!! Roman p.s. My 1:1 toy is the XR6T.... so yeah I am a "Ford man"...I can almost hear Cleveland's loud approval.
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