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  1. Sorry I've been away. (RC Tanking) anyway just like to report on a slot car tv show on Disc. Turbo Max (643) Foxtel/Austar. Enjoy!
  2. I used WD and now I've shaved .3 second off my lap tims!
  3. Do you just wipe the track over with WD?
  4. Yer sorry it's the rails I was taking about.
  5. If your've got a tack thats outside (in my undercover BBQ area) whats the best way to keep it clean? I've got a little bit of light rust on some parts of my track, can you use WD-40 to keep the rust at bay.
  6. skulldrifter


    A true drift god the AE86.
  7. skulldrifter


    Have a go at this. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=NT5BReWSuv0&...feature=related
  8. MDF mate, as for the stickers they come from a bult lot of R/C stickers I've got.
  9. Heres some of my track side stuff. It's all made from the backing tacken from old picture frames, it's great to work with and cheap as chips. Also used some fuel line from my R/C cars to stop my cars getting hurt when I crash into the barriers.
  10. Thanks for that, looks great.
  11. I just got the Top Gear board game off Ebay! I can't wait.
  12. Shes getting abit bigger, next will be grass and some hills etc and yes the dam pulley system.
  13. If there is any shop owners out there get these cars!!!!! Anyone going to Japan any time soon and care to pick us up one?
  14. None on Ebay I also rang Frontline, HPI importers and they said no way Oz will never get em. DAM!
  15. skulldrifter

    Hpi Slot Car

    Does anyone have or know where I can get one of these! http://www.hpi-slotcar.com/
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