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  1. Hi I'll have one for sure they look great cheeers gene
  2. how would a old volume knob thingy from a old stereo work put in the hand control line-wire itself work ?
  3. hehe , I will try to find some inserts to mold up to match your car in the pic ( white GTR Torana ) I have some somewhere mate, got them from patto's I think cheeers gene
  4. wow that's looking great, gimmie gimmie lol,
  5. [ NOW THIS IS A CRACK UP !!!!! GYPROCK - BETTER THAN AIR !!!! ] what happened ?
  6. well I wont be useing it I haven't got any hahahahahahhahaa
  7. is this a home console and if so which version of the game
  8. Gyprock

    What Do I Do?

    yep for sure well done
  9. Gyprock

    What Do I Do?

    Make him line up at Centrelink you don't need incompetence, lies or a theif, if you can't trust now you never will and that's not good, just my 2 bobs worth
  10. Gyprock

    Billy Carts

    vehicle what vehicle ?...............................aww yeah I see it now thanks hahaha
  11. Gyprock

    Billy Carts

    the wheels are to small for my liking, 1 little stone and you've lost your steering, we used to go to the tip and raid the prams and pushers lol
  12. Gyprock

    Lowndes 888 Betta Car

    I think the winning bidder just wanted it and money was not a object, I would be thinking twice about paying that much for 2 of'em
  13. so your make some for sale ?
  14. paint pen that's a good idea
  15. I use printer port with laptimer 2000
  16. well most tracks Ive seen have had painted lines, but I have seend some that have used coloured dots about every foot or 2 , depends on corners and stuff, I suppose you would just put them where ever it suited you I suppose. well that's my 2bobs worth
  17. Gyprock

    4wd V8 Supercar

    I think a waste of 2 cars myself, I think I would have gone more the sports sedan, tarmac or speesway, and played with paint schemes, but that's just me
  18. Q [Gyprock, we all enjoyed this car. It may suffer from a shorter wheelbase than the others, so the tail is a little more prone to be loose.] thankyou for the feed back, but I will have to be faster next year hahaha
  19. yeah a big happy birthday guys, so cheeers fella's and have a great day
  20. Gyprock

    Idea For Routing

    ok guys thanks for all your replies, it was just a thought, because when I get my act into gear and actually router a track my mate said he could machine me up a router bit out of hardened steel to do both cuts, but it was just room for thought. cheeers gene
  21. Gyprock

    Idea For Routing

    the holesaw part is just to recess for braid and the actual drill bit to do the grove, and bits cut sidewards and it is only mdf
  22. Gyprock

    Idea For Routing

    oh well thanks guys, it was just a idea :nice:
  23. Gyprock

    Idea For Routing

    yes'ya might not get a clean cut, but as for cutting down they are really only scraping across the top and it is only MDF
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