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  1. Hi I'll have one for sure they look great cheeers gene
  2. how would a old volume knob thingy from a old stereo work put in the hand control line-wire itself work ?
  3. hehe , I will try to find some inserts to mold up to match your car in the pic ( white GTR Torana ) I have some somewhere mate, got them from patto's I think cheeers gene
  4. wow that's looking great, gimmie gimmie lol,
  5. [ NOW THIS IS A CRACK UP !!!!! GYPROCK - BETTER THAN AIR !!!! ] what happened ?
  6. well I wont be useing it I haven't got any hahahahahahhahaa
  7. is this a home console and if so which version of the game
  8. Gyprock

    What Do I Do?

    yep for sure well done
  9. Gyprock

    What Do I Do?

    Make him line up at Centrelink you don't need incompetence, lies or a theif, if you can't trust now you never will and that's not good, just my 2 bobs worth
  10. Gyprock

    Billy Carts

    vehicle what vehicle ?...............................aww yeah I see it now thanks hahaha
  11. Gyprock

    Billy Carts

    the wheels are to small for my liking, 1 little stone and you've lost your steering, we used to go to the tip and raid the prams and pushers lol
  12. Gyprock

    Lowndes 888 Betta Car

    I think the winning bidder just wanted it and money was not a object, I would be thinking twice about paying that much for 2 of'em
  13. so your make some for sale ?
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