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  1. Which page is this happening with? is it the forum page or the portal page? Regards Michael
  2. MiChAeL

    Online Games

    Hi Guys, I thought I might start a topic with online games. If anyone has a link to a online game they can post it here. My Brute http://the-legen.mybrute.com you need to register, which basically involves picking a name for your brute and that its. Its a simple game to play but it can get addictive. Another website with online games is http://www.miniclip.com which has alot of simple flash games, most don't require signing up and all are free. Enjoy Michael
  3. Topic has been approved. Bumping it upto the top.
  4. MiChAeL


    If you do try anything of the above be very careful, especially if you use vtunnel. If turning off the proxy server works go for that and just turn it back on afterwards. If IT find out you could be in trouble.
  5. MiChAeL


    Try accessing the site through google. Depend on what access you have you try and turn off the proxy server which is how they would be blocking you. Goto Tools > internet options > connection > LAN settings and untick the use a proxy server for your LAN setting.
  6. I think it just added a list of your friends to your profile page. Its simliar to facebook I guess and that you can add friends and comments.
  7. The topic is fine. But will monitor in case it gets out of control.
  8. Hi, There really isn't anyway to search wher members live, however there is a track directory which may help. http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4595 It lists tracks in different areas and who owns/runs them.
  9. The topic is back up, but if it goes in the same direction as it did previously it will be binned again.
  10. If anyone has concerns as to why a topic of post has been deleted feel free PM a Admin/mod for an explanation. But everyone does need to remember that we all work full time jobs and can not always reply quickly.
  11. The reason for the topic being removed was because of one members posts in the topic. The subject itself was fine until 1 member went a bit far in complaining about several things other then ebay.
  12. Four V8 Supercars involved in car crash Four V8 Supercars were involved in a road accident in Bahrain when the carrier truck transporting them was forced to come to a sudden stop on the highway leading into the circuit. A flat top truck carrying the Commodores of Holden Racing Team's Mark Skaife and Todd Kelly as well as the Falcons of Ford Performance Racing's Mark Winterbottom and Steven Richards was forced to brake heavily, causing the cars to shift and make contact with each other. It is possible, though it has not been confirmed, that one of the cars fell off the truck completely. The incident happened at about 0900 local time (1700 AEST) on the Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway - the main stretch of road from Bahrain International Airport to the Bahrain International Circuit. It is believed another vehicle had pulled out in front of the carrier, causing the accident which caused major traffic delays in the area. The extent of the damage to the vehicles is not known at this stage but it is not believed to be extensive enough to rule them out of the Desert 400 round starting Thursday. V8 Supercars Australia CEO Wayne Cattach is expected to hold a press conference later on Wednesday as more details come to light. Source Sydney Morning Herald website
  13. Update your flash player and java, that should help with Avitars and signatures, for the pictures try and clear your cookies and delete temp internet files.
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