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  1. sweet , might have to get a new body once they are out
  2. Col

    Revo Slotcars

    Tested mine at one32nd, easy low 7 second laps on the big track with stock rubber , best was a 6.9 in yellow
  3. I just picked up some from Jaycar today
  4. oh nice, dad should be happy then
  5. yeah I downloaded that ,I couldn't find the specs of the wheels as my dad is in WA , but found tires that are known to fit
  6. Thanks mtpanorama , found tires from the UK that will fit http://www.scalextric-car.co.uk/Parts/Tyres/Tyres_Porsche_962_Jaguar_XJR9/Tyres_Porsche_962_Jaguar_XJR9.htm
  7. hey guys was wondering whats the wheel size for the 1990s scalextric sidecar, my dad recently bought one used off ebay and I'm looking to try and find a set of mjk's fot it , thanks
  8. Col

    Hey Again

    yeah lol im doing things a bit different this time , instead of buying heaps of cars I just want a few that run good so I'm manly buying slot it and doing upgrades/ mods when needed
  9. Col

    Hey Again

    Hey guys . I'm back after a few years off slotcars and I'm hooked again , I had to sell all my old cars cause I needed money :( but now I landed a decent full time job I can get back into racing as I found One:32nd world is nearby
  10. Congrats. They're great cars. I can tell you that tvwino, rab11 and myself are always at Armchair first thing on Saturday mornings. So if you're there, give a shout out. One of us should hear you. Oh and btw, I had to whittle away at the back plastic to get the mag suspension to fit. All good now. yeah no worries ,you probs allready know me ,the guy with all the tattoos hahah, ill probs get some track time in on satrday( no money for cars this week, ill just wait till tuesday whern i get paid), i need all the practice i can get for tuesday nights lol
  11. This is my 4th Slot.it so far. 956C Swap Shop, McLaren Loctite, and Nissan 390 GT1 (still in shipping). I'm very impressed with the cars that I have. i just got the McLaren loctite, nice car drives well with a bit of weight and the mag suspension kit , im guna buy more of them soon, look out armchair
  12. thanks for the invite xr8, i enjoyed myself quite well, and thanks for the tips on my nino molster, it runs realy good on my ninco track now that its be tuned up, just needs some new rubber and it will be a rocket
  13. awesome , sounds good , I'm not a drinker tho, haven't touched the stuff in like 5 years (bad experiences with the booze as a kid) pm me the details
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