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  1. I had something very similar to (5) and it did work , but as i use pace cars/ ghost cars more than i have friends over it increases bingles for the pc controlled cars.In terms of creating the realism of a chicane it lacks .You would get a better track piece by routing your own an using the lane changer from the scaley pit piece . cheers Glen
  2. nice work on the updates and upgrade Dave Will have to try it out. Sorted my bsod, it ended up being a usb adapter John did you sort the scorpius prob out ? cheers Glen
  3. Cheers Shadow rusty , It only happens when im running Rcd so im pretty sure it wont be hardware, not 100% but .
  4. One more suggestion Dave would be to have settings for the pits to keep the pacers out so that they only change lanes in certain part of the track other wise you have to turn the lane change of, which defeats the purpose of having it there. If possible in .1 or .5 of second adjustments would be good as there are many different set ups for pits. cheers Glen oh im still trackin down that flippin driver again i had the bsod stop error last night more delving to find the culprit,
  5. OK tested with hd audio conextant driver thingy updated and ran 10 races last night no crashes so hopfully have sorted .
  6. OK while testing and sorting out my pc/crashing while using rcd , it appears to be either a audio or video driver error needs updating more to come on that one. Some ideas i have for RCD 1. As we have ghost cars already, i would like to see an option in driver setup under ghost for a specific number of laps for a ghost car to run before it starts counting laps, This would equate to time spent in pits refuelling for a human driver .I am aware that we can already change lap sections prior to a race and after but you have to adjust every race you run and ghost cars generally stay ghost cars so would make life easier and enhances racing alone and with others using ghost cars which then would not just be traffic. 2. At the end of a race have power off to track for a longer amount of time as at the moment when racing for the finishline the car stops slightly then power returns and when your sqeezing the throttle still it tends to shoot the car off, depending on you track of course and where you are when the race finishes it can end in disaster,Im not sure why power returns to human drivers only though?. 3. Allow for race manager to delete a pit stop as some times the first pitpro sensor is missed and when leaving pits the in pits is engaged but the car has now entered the track so would be handy to be able to remove/end and also add a lap if required. 4. make race screens used over sevral displays resume selected postion when restarting a race or event.At the moment if i end a race and return back to race day setup screen and then restart a race i have to select them again and then it goes to last know position, can be painfull if using countdown as while waiting for race to initiate im now clicking on race director clicking screens to get them back to where they were.
  7. Hi Drifter Tested 2 scorpius controllers last night and all seemed fine no jerkyness or interference from either signal.
  8. Hi Rick yeah ive had no problems with ssdc and Scorpius at all . The only prob im sorting is my laptop crash, i have upgraded ram and that seems to have stopped, racing with Rcd seems fine and im trying to find any problems to report, In terms of signal and response with Scorpius im finding no problems since Dave sent me the new version Main one so far is if i select season rcd goes into meltdown with error message, my normal random error when i enter ssd setup. another is that sometimes when i end a race manualy, power is not turned of and ghost car continues around track,(random) one to watch for is if you have coast at 25 or more and you cross the finishline first or a race finishes Rcd has a mili second pause which can send your car flying as i guess it reverts back to the % of throttle to coast,i have mine set on 5 % which makes it gentle. Relating to that when i finish a race i still have power even when the race is finished and the ghost cars stop , ( not a real problem but im guessing not sposed to be) cheers Glen
  9. John if you want i can send you one of my controllers to check if its that, or if someone in brizzy has another scorpius controller maybe
  10. Hi Drifter yes colourbond shed 9 x 7 17mm formply sheet walls 4mm ply for cieling + insulation
  11. New version in and testing, fIrst run is imediatley smoother but still seems to have stop start thing happening , second run 0 dymainc and unhighlight user brake car runs smooth as pie but obviouisly i have no brakes but this suits my driving im thinking my dynamic brakes were engaging causing the stop start feel. Have run 3, 5 race events so far and the only glitch i have had was when the race ends the power seems to drop out for a millisecond which sent my car straight of the end of the main straight , tested it again with the end of other races and it seemed to have no affect so will keep an eye on that. Checking the Graph with the scorpius controller i have a high of 36 and at one point a low of 21 but on average it is somewhere between 34 an 31 As i haven't seen the behaviour from the previuos version as yet , at this stage im a happy camper but still more testing today while watching the f1.
  12. ok my throttle program shows a solid green bar with momentary flickers at different points on the bar not consisent in position ok re freeze i have removed blutooth and for the moment no freeze , i had one practice session with my work around ie( start with scaly controller and turn on scorpius controller 1 remove scaly controller) 1 car ran fine no glitches at all untill final audio 10 sec 5 sec left and then car stopped started stopped. restarted race with two scorpius controllers ,oh crap one wouldnt go while the other had throttle almost instant run away on second car. That one really peaves me cuase not 10 days ago i tested 2 cars with scorpius and they seemed fine. i know these are not a specific bug but may help track down some
  13. Pretty much new, im trying to eliminate any process's working in the background that may cause it but it only freezes when im running rcd, i will start a practice race and do 30, 40 laps and then stop race clicking x and then the warning box are you sure pops up i click yes and freeze occurs so i leave it for as long as i want and then still doesnt fix itself so i shut it down, even taskmaster has trouble getting it to close but thas pc's i guess well get there!.The only other thing im yet to try is to bump up the ram to 4 gig instead of 2. i will check tonight regarding lockup using normal or wireless controller i can say there is a lag when refueling with wireless controller, I hold the brake button in and silence i let the brake button out and 5 seconds later i have full fuel, but im presuming this is related to whatever is causing the main problem.
  14. Its wierd cause mine is totaly opposite ssdc runs with out a hitch smooth control using scorpius no runaways but rcd now does both stutter/surge/runaway plus freezes my laptop to the point of no return,
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