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  1. Would love to see you back out in Austin. Maybe you can get over here for the WEC race in the future. We're building a rally track but it's not like the ones y'all have. I miss running with you crazy hoons.
  2. Nope, that wasn't me. I haven't been back in the ANZ area since I left in 2009. I want to come back but I have a son that's now in Boy Scouts and that's taking most of my travel budget for camping trips.
  3. Glad to hear things aren't much different. How's Jim at Armchair doing? Still grouchy as ever?
  4. Still 1/32 hard bodies but starting back up into HO. A couple of guys and myself started up the Austin Slot Car Club and we can be found at austinslotcarclub.com. We're wrapping up a NSR Porsche 917 spec series now.
  5. Hey guys, I just thought I would drop in and say hello! It's been a while since I was on and I found my pics of being over there. Hope everyone is doing well Cheers, Shawn
  6. I take everything a Ford guy says with a boulder the size of the 3 sisters. Sorry but there will not be a Ford in this house unless it's rear wheel drive. Other than the Mustang, they have NOTHING! The pictures don't really do the front end justice. It's pretty nice and aggressive but it's doesn't photo well at certain angles just like the Commodore. So far I'm loving the car. It's deceptively big and I need to ability to carry up 5 people in the car at the same time. As far as the "presidential" pack, the only reason I bought a GM was it was used and it wasn't made in the USA. I know that sounds horrible, but the cars made here are crap. Plain and simple.
  7. Guys, Well since I've been back in the US, my Subaru developed a problem and after spending 2.5 months and US$1700 out of my own pocket, I proceeded to dump the car and get another one. I got one of these: The funny thing is that while I was over there I actually made it to Elizabeth SA so I can say that I've been to the town where my car is made. Now before you Ford guys start in on why I didn't get a Ford. Go look at the Ford USA website and tell me what I would buy. I need 4 doors so the Mustang is out. The rest is crap. So there it is, I have a Aussie car in the US. :( I've also heard that since Pontiac was shutdown by GM earlier this year, there is a "special edition" of the Commodore SS-V. Well from what I can tell they had a lot of left over Pontiac front clips. I hope you guys enjoy it. -Shawn
  8. Hey everyone! I've finally made it around to posting up more pics. Here is the latest pic of the track: It's coming along quite nicely and we actually have it running and just finishing up the landscaping at this point. We also have our own website and forum. http://www.austinslotcarclub.com Come over and poke around. Not much there..... yet. -Shawn
  9. Hey Stu, Yes, there will be basic scenery. Nothing too elaborate but something more that just a grey piece of wood to race on.
  10. Got more work done on the track today. Elevations were done on one half of the track. Next week the rest of the track will be assembled and elevations completed. I'm out of town the next 2 weeks for a very needed vacation. The rest of the guys will be working on the track and I'll post more when I get back. Enjoy! -Shawn
  11. Gary, I'm working on it. More just getting us together. One of the guys here in the club has a 3 lane routed track that's about 67' lane lengths in his garage. He's been the one to really help with the assembly of our track. DM, Yes, I think it's going to be very fast. The hobby shop is going to rent it out on occasion so we wanted it open to newbies as well as the seasoned racers. Stu, That was the original plan but the deal to go out there just got worse and worse so I didn't move. I'm much happier here anyway. -Shawn
  12. Thanks, Mel! Dick, We're going to do scenery mainly to prevent cars from concrete poisoning. So there will be hillside barriers and what not. Haven't quite figured that out yet. My wife wants to help with the scenery so I'm pretty excited about that. -Shawn
  13. Hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to let everyone know that since I've moved back to the states, I've been in a slot car desert. This has nothing to do with Texas as I'm not in that portion. There was absolutely NOTHING here in the way of a track or club when I got back. In December, I started a gathering of slot car enthusiasts and since then we've grown to about 7-8 people with 4-5 showing regularly. Since then we've starting planning, designing and building our club track at a local hobby shop in town. They gave us room in their back area of about 5'x26', i.e. very long and narrow. What we came up with is a 3 lane routed MDF track with magna braid. Here are the pics with the most current state of the track. http://s675.photobucket.com/albums/vv112/t...20Club%20Track/ We expect to have this completed by the first of August. If anyone has the fortune to make it out here, I expect them to look us up and come race with us. On another note, I now have MDF to do my rally track and the help needed to make it happen. Now, I just need to get the space from the wife. If all goes well, we should be starting on that after the club track is completed. Take care! -Shawn
  14. Yes, John! That's exactly the thread I was looking for. Stu, I've been well. Traveling all over for work but good. Mel, I got something for ya: Enjoy!
  15. Hey everyone! Long time no see and I hope you all are doing well. I've been trying to find the thread on non-mag tuning that happened around a year ago with very little luck. Does anyone have that bookmarked? There was a document that had very detailed instructions on where to place the lead. Thanks! -Shawn
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