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  1. OMG how do you do that? Is there a place were you tell your secrets. I would love to know how you do that. The paint brush Testors gave me with my paints wont paint eyes to that scale lol.
  2. As Allan suggested try printing your own. Inkscape is a great free vector program and you can print on Inkjets OR better still on a colour Laser printer. White white will still be a problem everthing else can be done. I print my own decals and have had great results but yellow on a dark car seems impossible. I've got yellow to work on a silver car but it was to translucent for dark green. Any suggestions? I'm trying to finish my Monogram Lotus 33 Patio has the original decals and also a set that includes the side strip and team lotus logo. Your post has me worried I don't want to pay 16/17 bucks and have the same problems as described.
  3. Here are some pics of my first attempt at routing a track. I love the look of the Targa Florio so I wanted lots of elevation change. I had very limited space so I cut this track from a single piece of MFD 4*8. I'm using cooper tape for pick ups. I'll post more pics as I go. i just wanted to add a technical note I uses double sided tape because I thought it wold be easier than using contact cement. It worked well but If you use double back tape make sure you don't try to stretch the copper tape when you apply it. The copper tape held well except were i tried to stretch it around the corners. Just roll it out with a few more wrinkles otherwise it might pull up like mine did.
  4. It still needs mirrors a roll bar and maybe some wheel inserts.
  5. Hows that a little better. I put my scalextric lotus 49 in the shot for comparison. You can also see my MRRC Honda 273.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a track to run it on but I assume since the chassis is from a stock scalextric it should go quit well. I sold my plastic track and started making my permanent track MFD 2 lain with copper tape but its not quit finished. I plan to post pics of my new track soon. I will also be posting pics of a MRRC Honda 273 I used home maid decals on. Sorry the pics are so small I'll work on makeing them larger.
  7. Quite a common fix I believe....I do it myself. A nice mixture of parts too.....real nice. How does it run?
  8. Its been awhile since I have posted. I moved back to Oklahoma from Hawaii. I have been working on my 1967 68 F1 grid. Just wanted to share with you my progress. There are cars in this class that were never mass produced, one of my favorites is the Brabham BT19/20. Why they never made this car is beyond me, it won multiple championships for gods sake. Anyway Faller Club produced a car there called a BT3 when I saw it my immediate thought was that it looked more like the BT19. I finally was able to get one from Switzerland so I began the build. I used a Scalextric Maclaren M20 chassis. wheels and axles form the new Scalextric Lotus 49. I made custom pipes and velocity stacks, and cut a big chunk of the body off the back. I'm cheap so there were no custom decals the stripes and meatballs are painted on, only the numbers are decals. The wind screen was cut from some clear packing plastic. Hope you like it here are some pics. [/img]
  9. no just trying to dry the paint. it rains here every day.
  10. Thanks Eno! The best thing for me about this car is that it was a lot cheaper than a Fly or evan a Scalextric 917, even though it took two models; I botched the first one in the oven. It still only cost me about 35 dollars. If I had not melted the first car, it would have been about 25 dollars.
  11. I have been working on my new 917. I had fully intended to paint it in the Gulf colors (like the one I melted) but my wife convinced me to make it a Martini livery. I'm glad I did, I think it is quite nice looking. Here are some pictures although it is not quite done yet. Also, I made the decals myself. If anyone wants the decal file, let me know, and I can email it to you.
  12. old punk


    Do you guys know what scale the SUBBUTEO FOOTBALL stuff is? I'm guessing around 1/50, but I have never seen it until now. Football or soccer, as we yanks call it, is not that popular here. I thought this stuff might make good scenery for my track. They have big grandstands with 50 spectators.
  13. I would love to get my hands on one f these.
  14. cool pics, They got me thinking about converting this 1/32 RC car to slot.
  15. old punk

    Digital 60's F1

    Do you think I should wait for the new 6 car pb?
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