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  1. You could also run the New Cahoza S motor, 21,500rpm, 175g,/cm and only $25.80. For those that are unaware , Cahoza is a major supplier of first class parts for the metal chassis cars. They have just branched out into the RTR cars with a range of motors. Check em out, www.hobbiesplus.co.nz the quality is up there and the price is hard to beat.
  2. To reply to Charles RE NSR F1, why not got to the Scaleauto F1, the white body cars are only $99.90. they are the same speed as NSR so make s sense to me.
  3. Hi Guys just started to play with this car, would like to know what make are the wheels & gears please.
  4. Noel I know what you mean, I had mine back to Steen twice over a 12 month period and he could not find the problem. I was so impressed with the way the controller worked I was determined to find out why the brakes had a problem. Don't get me wrong here, Steen is one very clever switched on electronics guy and these controllers are rock solid. I decided I would start a systematic process and then discovered what I said above. Has your cable been replaced, as I mentioned above the small diam hole causes the wires to break. I have had two other controllers have this problem in NZ and I did my mod, no more problems. Noel If you want to send it to me I will look at it for you, no charge, except the return freight. I can fix it. Phil you are correct about a spring, on the early models the return spring was a tad light, a feature I like, what I did was to cut three coils off, the later models come with a stronger spring.
  5. Garry, since your fantastic up market brake pad etc did not work, would that not ring a bell that the brake pad system that you so beautifully designed and built was not the problem, or still is, does to me, for both. I just love problems, because if there is a problem then that can be solved.
  6. I'll pay a $100 each for as many as you can muster.
  7. The problem you are having with the brakes is dirt, yes that is what the problem is. You have to keep your controller CLEAN. The contact that the controller is supplied with is just fine with a small mod, Once I sorted the brake problem, I have been using mine now for years without a problem, never failed since. If you look at the little contact tag on the trigger you will see where the brake bolt threads have dented it, this has put very small dents into it, it is in the bottom of those dents where the dirt is. You won't see it with the naked eye, use a lupes and you will see deep in the dent a small black line, dirt, scratch it out . What I did then was to dull the threads on the brake contact bolt with a fine file, problem over. The other mod to do is where the cable goes through into the handle, grind out hole to around 10mm , this will allow for more movement of the wire allowing it to curve and not a tight bend which brakes the wires, like the brake wire. Having said all this, if you have connected the controller up the wrong way then you may have done some damage to a component, that will cause a brake problem. As far as I am concerned Carsteen controllers are fantastic, they are a strong controller (electrically) and will take a very high current without blowing up. I have used all the top end controllers including some you will not have seen or heard of.
  8. Hi Jan I race on the Welly track with all scales, RTR's, etc you name it. We have just held the RTR nats a few week ends ago. I ran some really nice cars that Chris Wong from Napier supplied & preped. The rtr's drive real nice on it, the real skill is getting them to go round the big sweepers fast. Drop me a line if want more info. gilla@hobbiesplus.co.nz
  9. I realise this is an old thread, but I would like to know who owns the blue & white Surtees Lola T163 car and how am I able to contact them. Gill A
  10. trophy


    Well not as cheap, but Hobbies Plus has em for $22.50 http://www.hobbiesplus.co.nz/dremel-keyless-chuck-drem-4486-p-673.html
  11. I vac form a 1/32nd scale anglia breadvan in lexan, will post a pic this week.
  12. trophy

    Westport Raceway

    Here's agood one http://www.hobbiesplus.co.nz/switched-mode-power-supply-128-p-1448.html
  13. V8 Super Cars. The Kiwi's have been racing these 1/24th Lexan bodies for two years. Have a look on this page http://www.hobbiesplus.co.nz/bodies-c-51_76.html
  14. Totally agree with Phil, Gref & Triggy.
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