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  1. Hi Alan , I will enter car 19 again , and I could send another if you need more numbers . PeterD
  2. Hi Lennybrake , I don’t like to have to mention this again , but you are still spelling John’s name incorrectly. There is no “A” in Smedley .
  3. Car 15 has has had a motor change , now running a SRP 18k and a 9 tooth pinion .
  4. Car 15 will be a BRM P261 body by Supershells , PCS wheels , front tyre PCS , rear tyres MJK , motor is SRP16 , Slotit gears 10/24 , Slotit guide ,Chassis by PeterD .
  5. Car 19 will be the same as entered in 2019 . 1962 Lotus 24 Climax . Body from PPL ,wheels PPS , rear tyres MJK , gears Slot it 9:23 , guide Slot it , Chassis by PeterD . Motor SRP18 .
  6. Hi Allan , PeterD will be back with car19 ,Lotus24 Climax . Also an associate of mine , DanielP , would like to enter a 1964 BRM P261 number 15 . Thanks
  7. It was John Smedley who I first met when I came back to slots as well . He was always very helpful and I enjoyed my times racing with him and against him . We will all miss him . Sadly with these current restrictions we will not be able to attend his funeral .
  8. Sadly John Smedley who ran the Fulham Park Raceway (FPR) in Adelaide , lost his battle with Cancer and passed away overnight . RIP
  9. I too finally entered last year ,after watching and even driving the cars in a few SA rounds over the years . My 2020 car is on the test track and performing better than last years car . Well I guess it's my 2021 car now . I hope the series returns . I have entered a car in the Mac Pinches Thirties Championship for next year so will still have a proxy to follow .
  10. I thought there was another round in Vic after Spitfire ? Congrats to the podium getters . I found the cars very nice to drive this year , a couple were a bit down on power but still handled well . It was a cold afternoon and I believe this was why some cars were a little tail happy . Looking forward to next weeks race . PeterD
  11. Sounds like tyres to me ! But thanks Charles ! It's all a learning curve this year .
  12. Not sure what has happened to my tyres . I tried MJk tyres and the MRRC tyres which are on it now . The MRRC were slightly better on my track (paving paint ) , at FPR it was doing lap times comparable to last years race times . At the last round it was ok , well there were no comments concerning tyres . If it is undriveable just don't run it , I don!t want it coming off and ruining another cars race . Peter D Ok on second thoughts perhaps " bit twitchy , hard to get power down " was referring to the tyres but at least it managed to complete laps , which it obviously didn't do this time round . Peter D
  13. My body is a Penelope Pitlane from Pendles .
  14. Hi ! I have read through this page a couple of times but I can not see where to send the entry fee ?
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