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  1. Going fine over here in WA I get 30 - 50 ppl to a race in my shed, so don't confuse online forum traffic with whats actually happening out there in the suburbs
  2. Don't think forums are going backwards, I'm on quite a few and they are all going fine, I think it's just this forum, for many reasons I prolly won't go into as I doubt it will be popular.....
  3. Just wondered if there are any pics of the tracks to be used? Cheers..
  4. Can't believe it's here already! Looking forward to it now, not expecting to set the world on fire or anything just looking forward to go some good racing on fun tracks & hopefully I don't disgrace WA! I'm all ready to fly out of Perth tomorrow with some fresh paint on my slots box, hopefully some of the master's skill will rub off I ran out of carbon fibre sticker to finish the inside but you get the idea when it's finished, my cars all ready before they go into bubble wrap for the trip.. Big thanks to Syd for letting me use his track for testing and for all the help you gave me tuning my cars, getting at least a second a lap off them, cheers Syd, legend! See ya's in a few days....
  5. Cool thanks for that Rusty, cheers...
  6. Can anyone tell me which way my controller (pic on the link below) needs to be wired for the track next week? Just asking cause I know their track is wired different to ours in WA, It's professor motor hand control, thanks! https://www.facebook...&type=1
  7. I see the teams are full already, no worries, if someone pulls out or something I'll be keen...
  8. Damn a bit spewin about the Nascars as they are different to drive and I have a not too bad car I just built up, also just finished painting a heap of them! Oh well you get that I guess... Shane quick question, I'll be racing the Amateur Scaly classes, I know the 6pm Sat one will clash but if I do the 12pm Sat I should be done by 2pm for the Aussie V8's yeah? If I have time and If anyone is looking for someone for the Aussie V8 race I'l stick my hand up...
  9. Nice job they look bloody good, what are the bodies made of? I like the idea of the class to, keeping it stock as & everyone on teh same wheel base, wheels & tyres, motor etc is the way to go
  10. Apparently some guy from Hobart designed it! http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/detroit-shock-australian-designs-new-ford-gt-supercar-but-it-wont-be-sold-down-under/story-fnjwucvh-1227182815256
  11. I'd be keen for this, I dabble with diorama from time to time....
  12. Apologies if this has already been covered but I did a few search's and had a look through and couldn't find anything, lots of bits here and there but nothing all in one thread. Anyway I was wondering what you all use to test motors? I have like multiples of some types and would like to know whats what before I go building some cars. I've had a look and there are a few out for sale but they seem to be ridiculously over priced for what they are and I figure there has to be a cheaper way to make something. So what do you all use? Would love to see what you all use and did you make or buy? Also do you incorporate this with a wheel truing device? Also add any other tips you might have, for example I understand the motor must be under load to get an accurate result yeah? Thanks in advance... cheers!
  13. Thanks Rat Racer that's what I was looking for cheers!
  14. Boy wish I had of thought of that! Hahahha ahhhh that's actually the problem, they are built into the plastic and there doesnt seem to be a way to get them out without destroying some of the pod housing... Or is there? that's what I'm asking Did every SCX NASCAR out there come with the same motor? Is there a way of identifying them with pulling them out?
  15. I'm hoping to come over for this, depending on a few things finances etc but anyway I'm starting to look at building some cars and I have a few SCX NASCAR's and I just wondered how you identify the motor on these things? They are built in a plastic pod and I can't read the writing on the bottom etc. I also have one NASCAR that has a motor that says RX - 4H so I think that is a pro NASCAR yeah and ineligible? Thanks in advance
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