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  1. Todd, I know you didn't want to use liqud nails but would you consider a different an adhesive. I used a hot glue gun for my track, holds in place just fine. And the bonus is when it comes to track change, the glue just peels off.
  2. 76 XB Hardtop, and a 76 Brock Torana. Can you blokes actually believe your eyes. I think I'm going to faint........ ahhhhh...... thump I can see it now, Christmas bathurst set 1976 style. I can't believe eyeballs... ohhhhhh.... thump. Like WOW guys... C'mon..really... nah? really? Just so you know I've already put my order in with my local slot car supplier. BRING IT ON Excited? nah NOT MUCH!!!!!!
  3. Hi Guys, just thinking of buying a laptop at the moment and was wondering if an Apple Laptop, or even an IPAD could run the SSDC software, or does it have to be a PC? Apple are also advertising a high speed port on the newer laptops called thunderbolt. Would this port be a more suitable option for data transfer than USB ports? Cheers
  4. ozquad44

    Pitstop Time !

    No mate, SSDC, the cable, the track pieces and the 6 car PB is all you will need. P.S. you'll love the 6 car PB. Its got a dorky menu system but the thing itself is awesome.
  5. Gents I've built up a Scaley digital replica Bathurst track (not really imaginative I know, but it suits me), I've got the 6 car APB, three XLC, separate pit lane, and its pretty big. It takes up a whole car bay in the garage. Problem I have is that the leads for the hand controllers are far too short, and they all get tangled when a few people are playing. I would like to hard wire separate drive stations around the track. This will fix the tangling issue, and make marshaling a bit easier. Scaley make lead extensions for the analogue controllers, do they work with the digi controllers as well? If not what are my options?
  6. Why all this talk of digital or wood. Why not go both? connect your digital PB to your wood circuit, cut in couple of cross over lanes and bobs your uncle. Now the new DIDGI PB is on the market, its even easier. and if you wire it correctly you can run your analogue cars as well. win win IMO.
  7. I'm not exactly sure which "right" is being referred to either, nor am I sure I know what a "woek" is. But we all know keyboards can sometimes be dangerous places to be....... :P
  8. FOS, if you persevering with the PB pro without the simple H power mod, forget it. I've got the new 6 car PB and I had six people racing cars on my track when bathurst was on the other week without the slightest power issue at all. No copper tape, three cross overs, one pit entry, no power taps, two lanes with two metres of three lanes, over about a 15m track. It was great fun. The day before I was looking after a young bloke when his mum had to duck out for a while. I set the Powerbase to analog and he played on the track for hours, swaping between all my cars analog and digital cars as he saw fit. Best $200 dollars I've spent on slot cars ever since getting into it. I'm not sure why you need to copper tape. HAve you tried inox?
  9. I spent a few hours at the SMS on Sunday. Didn't even consider taking a picture even though I had a really good camera with me. The track was esentially a four lane modified figure eight, with a low line bridge crossover. Very good quality and well put together track. I wish my track was made that well. Lane two was running the only V8 SC (frosty's) whilst the other three were running ford focus WRC cars. The V8SC kept looping out on the bends, but seemed to be the quickest on the straights. All the throttles were limited so the punters couldn't crash basically. The slot cars were very popular.
  10. Thanks boys PM'ed Riko and will probably ask MIH to perform the pit pro mod and hit Riko up for cables. Too bad postage to England will probably cost as much as NZ, from here.
  11. G'Day Gents Well the new SSD 6 car powerbase has been working great for over a month now and I want to start running it off a computer screen. (plan on having a few boys over for bathurst) I know that version 5.0.3 SSDC has been upgraded to work with the new power base, I have a few questions for those in the know 1. What is the preferred operating system for SSDC. I have an old computer about ten years old that runs on windows 98. I was wondering if that would work OK? If not, and I bought an cheap laptop, what would be the preferred operating system for seamless use of SSDC? 2. I have the pit lane game (PLG) but its not modified at all. I'm sick of this thing beeping at me all the time, and I want to use the pit features of SSDC. What's the best/easiest way to get my PLG tied into SSDC? I can solder, can it be done easily, or do I need some computer wizard to do stuff with code? and 3. Can I get computer cables from somewhere in Australia for the power base and the PLG or do I have to have it sent by mail from the UK? Remembering I only have two weeks until Bathurst. P.S. thanks in advance
  12. Yes very good write up, but be warned. If you do go down the digital path, forever it will control your destiny!!!
  13. Can't comment on the other systems, other than a few brief goes at a Carrera system, all I know is the SSD gear. The four car PB and now the advanced 6 car PB. But from what I've read and had first hand experience of the substantial improvement over the four car PB the new advanced 6 car PB. Id have to agree with you there. The new six car PB has resored my faith in Scaly. I was pretty disenfranchised by the whole game there for a while. Now this thing has sparked a bit of life into it for me. Down the track I would like to see switchable brake lights and head lights on SSD, sector timing, and variations on the lane changers though. IE bi-directional CLC and XLC. Plus a decent pit/fueling system. But I'll take what they've dished up because its pretty good stuff. Can anyone say power!
  14. Ah you've got me! That would mean 7 button programming for every six cars programmed, so just divide that number by 6 (1.1666666) round that down and Wu-La. One button programming per car! It's all making sense now. :-P Marketing, got to love it don't you.
  15. Well mine took six days door to door. Got to be happy with that. As for first impressions of the PB itself. (from an admitted slot-car novice). Well after about three sessions of using it, I'm comfortable enough to use some of the key features without too many dramas. I must say it's far harder to get a grip of the menu system than I thought it would be. Programing Pace cars took a few goes to get right. I had to leave it and come back to it because it was getting on my goat at one stage. The instruction booklet could be longer in my opinion. It's a bit flimsy in its explanations and assumes a bit of prior knowledge. For example; I must have pressed the left and right arrows simultaneously a dozen times before i realised i was doing it wrong. If Both arrows are side by side in the book it just means you can press either one, and not both at once, as I thought. (although thats not always true either, when you reset the default settings it requires the pressing of buttons simultaneously). I'm guessing someone versed with the old 6 car PB or PB pro, would take to it like a duck to water, but for newbys like me it was down-right painful. I did learn something whilst playing around with the pace cars. Program them into separate I.D's or when your racing them they will beat you every time. Two cars using one Id will clock up the laps pretty damm fast. Another thing I learnt was that at certain times (not in every mode) you can use the enter button to grid the cars up prior to a race. So to race all your pace cars, fist assign ID's to each one. let them do some warm ups then hit the enter button to set grid. All the power is stopped, you can pick up all the pace cars and set them up. Grid your own car. then press the start button. The count down will commence and off you go. I'm running my F1 cars as pace cars and an Australian standard V8 super-car as my own car and racing them. The F1's only need about 15% power to go around my track and be challenging to pass. Beats doing timed laps by yourself thats for sure. I set both cars to random lane changes and off I go. This function alone makes the PB worth it for me. I think its the first time I've really got the digital system working enough to impress me. P.S. One button car programming!! To do this (In certain modes) you must press and hold down the ENTER button on the PB until the little LED on the dash goes green. Then you put your car on the track and press the BRAKE on your controller. Or in some other modes, you can enter the menu by pressing the appropriate PROGRAMING ARROW buttons a few times to bring up the right menu. Then you press the BRAKE button or hit the excelerator to make the car go. This is all good, except for one little detail..... It takes more than one button to do ONE BUTTON PROGRAMMING!
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