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  1. Nice track you have there IanM. Hope it comes out nicely Jack
  2. Looks like the light reflecting off the ( ) plastic track... Seriously, nice job Chris... one Q though... why have you got a Mustang chassis under the XW and a Camaro under the XY? Aren't they the same body (requiring the same chassis?)or did you just adapt what you had?? Just curious... looks great! How did you find the peel and stick decals?
  3. HoldenJack

    Shed Rally Track

    HA HA HA!!!!! Very funny Ember. Thanks for looking Jack P.S I got the rock moulds.
  4. HoldenJack

    Shed Rally Track

    Here are some photos of what we have done now. The blue stone wall is painted now and we have started the plaster for the lake and the hill. My uncle will bring the rock moulds back soon so I can make some paster rocks. I will get some more photos of that soon. Jack
  5. HoldenJack

    Shed Rally Track

    Dad started wiring up the track yesterday, he's going to finish it off later. The wiring picture he used was wrong but Matt (sax0607) told him what to do. I'm so happy!!!! :mosh: Thanks Matt!!! Jack
  6. Back to topic... sad I won't see another parade next week.
  7. I went to the Grand Final Parade today!!!!!! It was the best day ever!! There was so many people. I saw some of my class mates there!!!! I was so surprised! GO PIES!!!!!!!!!!!! J a c k
  8. HoldenJack

    Shed Rally Track

    Hey everyone, I went to my Nan's house and she gave me some animals for my track! :whip2:
  9. HoldenJack

    Shed Rally Track

    I'll get more pics coming!
  10. Where did you get them from? I want some for my rally track
  11. HoldenJack

    Shed Rally Track

    I went to the shops tonight, I was so happy. I got a small bucket of river rock, in grey. We had a piece of M.d.f. I wanted a tunnel so Dad got his tools out and went to work. Thanks for looking, Jack
  12. HoldenJack

    Shed Rally Track

    Dad took some photos while I sanded the wood filler. I want to paint it next weekend. C'mon Dad.
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