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  1. :( Hi Manic I have been a bit slack! I had a major computer crash and lost all my pics all I can say is what ever you do back up every thing often, I didn't and lost everything. I'm still building and haven't done anymore with my track did you watch the V8'S in China on the weekend the track design was very interesting maybe a few alterations and this could be a cool track I will have to look for some pics. Catcha
  2. Bunge

    Ninco Porsche's

    Hi slo 1 quick we have moded our porsches heeps first we had trouble with the wheels being out of round 'chris replaced them for us' and we glued the motors in that helped a bit with the hoping but the biggest difference we had was gluing the the shocks. We took the body's off and sat the car on a work bed 'peice of track' then we put a weight on the motor to push all the suspension down and glued the shocks up with araldite leave overnight, and glue the axle bearings to the chassis as well, this lowers the car as well. I know it defeats the purpose of the suspension but unless your using a rally track It won't handle properly on smooth tracks. And sand your tyres I found the easiest way to do that is by a 9v battery and a sanding drum from a dremel, turn the car upside down put the terminals of the battery on the braids and carefully place the sanding drum on the tyres moving it back and forth make sure you do both tyres evenly. This has made these cars fly I have only had Scalextric cars before aswell and when I bought the Ninco Porsches I was very disapointed with the way they handled out of the box no comparison to the Scalex cars, but now the porsche is my favorite it's faster than my Mustang and I'm only .3 of a second slower than our F1 cars Hope this helps Bunge
  3. No good Manic I'm building extensions on our house if I could call it that, We are more or less doubling the size of it 'four extra rooms'. I have got the track set up on the floor in one of the unfinished rooms so I have been able to use it 'prioritys' still haven't built the table but I have worked out the size to be 5.2m by 1.6m and have a lot of props and car's ready to go but I'm afraid the slot car thing is not on the missus's list so when it happens is any body's guess. I just tried to upload an image through imageshack but it just sat there doing nothing so I'll try again later I will post pictures of the progress when I get started again Regards Bunge
  4. Hi Manic great work you have gave me some great ideas I was surfing around EBay and found a cement mixer that might suit your diarama the item number is 6957382823 Regards Bunge
  5. Bunge

    Ninco Porsche's

    I picked up these two beuties at the post office today I got them on special $49.95 each from Chris at thunderbird, I am yet to test run mine as I am still building my track which will be finished this weekend 'fingers crossed' They have the Super NC5 Motor and Proshock Independent Suspension, I have never had a Ninco and was wondering about the suspension does it take the crash and bash of every day racing what do you think about them in general Cheers Bunge
  6. Yea your right Gene I will fit them I still haven't even removed it from It's box my old man's got some red cedar planks and all the wood working gear we are going to build a display cabinate one day so I will definatly fit them before I display it. It looks like the Phase 3 will be a definate it would be great to see one of each Ausy muscle cars from the 70's the torana's would have to be the Holden atribute the XU1 or A9X and the Charger. Patto has all the decals so imagine what the grid would look like I'm sure this would take off. It can only be a matter of time before Scalex or other slot manufactures will make them Can't wait Bunge
  7. Yep I have to agree the 05 A9X was the best torana of them all did you know Holden was going to call the first L34 an XU2 but they thought better of it because of the supercar scare back in 73. I have the Biante 1:18 scale of Brock's A9X It has to be my favorite model it is definatly the best looking. I have the Marlboro decals but I still haven't decided if I will fit them as the model came without them because of cigarette advertising laws. I also have Moffats Bathurst winning XA GT which should have been the GTHO Phase 4. Cheers Bunge
  8. The what should have been 1973 Bathurst Torana XU2 XA GTHO Phase 4 and a V8 4 speed Charger One of each Ausy Muscle Cars And what a Bathurst It would have been Cheers bunge
  9. Rene I have been using automotive acrylic system on scalextric body's with no problems, just put the first coat of undercoat on very light and let dry once you have the second coat on spray the colour the same start with a light coat and you can put the clear on wet. You can get some nice pearl in acrylic I have bought 250ml from our paint supplier you should'nt have any trouble getting 500ml Regards Bunge
  10. Rene I would be more inclined to use an acrylic automotive primer not only is it more compatible but heaps harder enamel undercoats are soft, I'm not sure about nail polish but try all purpose thinners just mix a bit for a test you can get it in slow or fast depending on your climate for drying times, It would be better for air brushing as well Regards Bunge
  11. Bunge

    Is This Allowed

    Hey Rene this is another great addition for your slot dyno work station What a great idea I have checked my tyres after heaps of laps expecting them to be hot but they don't seem to get very hot this has to be the go. Bunge
  12. Thanks Fella's I think It would be good to be able to see the readout from my seat, I have the scalex sport lap timer and you can't see it unless your on top of it. Would the scalex F1 cars work as they have a low body and does it keep your best lap times displayed the scalex only shows them for a second and then goes straight back to the lap counter you have to wait untill the end. Thanks Bunge
  13. Hi all was looking at the Carrera electronic lap counter have any of you guy's used or seen one of these in action just like to know your thoughts. Thanks bunge
  14. Bunge

    Slot Car Dyno

    Thanks oldtami that is so simple it's genius except if you are using digital scales I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong my scales don't read backwards so I found an old set of mechanical scales and bobs your uncle when I lifted the car off it pulled the scales up with it, all I need now is a good set with more accuracy. That system should be easy enough to include in your box Rene just finding a low profile set or better still a digital set that works backwards. thanks Bunge
  15. Bunge

    Slot Car Dyno

    Hey Rene are you going to add a downforce measuring scale for mag cars I have been trying to devise a way of measuring downforce maybe a metal plate fixed to a meter or have another magnet fixed on a scale in the opposite polarity so it pushes the car away. And also while we have the power hooked up can you fit a tyre sanding lathe for those all to common out of round tyres. Then you would have a complete work station in a box 'what are you going to call it' You can put me down on your list for a couple Catcha Bunge
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