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  1. Thanks Grunz for the reply and link. its works as I suspected but better to ask and be sure So with your set up using scalextric sensors you don't need the oxigen sensor is that right. My understanding was that you hooked the slot it board into the system as well I still have some scaley digital parts, I was going to sell them off to offset the cost. I was originally going to use them only mounting the solenoids would be difficult without imbedding plastic parts, I don't want to do that. I have found a solenoid of the same principal as scaley that is a stand alone unit with mounting plate. needs testing but should work Another question for you. Can you have the start finish run though pit lane? I have seen the scorpious build also looks good Cheers Dave
  2. Hi WKM, Nice looking track, what system will you be using? Dave
  3. How are you going with the lane change problem? I recently sold my scalextric digital set but it was highly modified with 13 changers some of the parts would be close to 10 yrs old and still in excellent working order. Wd40 worked for me as it was in an exposed area and occasionally got moisture on it I major improvement with lane change issues I had that sound similar to yours is to power them separately I tried to attach a photo of some of the mods but cant work that out yet I have to agree with previous replies that corner lane changers are not fast and didn't get used in race conditions on my track until I modified them to chicanes. It takes 2 corner changers to make 1 chicane but very fast and usable I also noticed that you would get them repaired rather than return them. In that case I can help, I have flippers, solenoids and sensors if your after parts or if you want to sell them I would make an offer Dave
  4. Hi guys, I have recently sold my scalextric digital set up to make room for the next project a routed digital track using slot it oxigen system. I have found most of the info I need but was hoping to clarify some things. Do you need anything more than the lane change driver to activate the lane change solenoids? Can you tell me how the magnets for start / finish line and pit lane are placed into the track? How does the system tell the difference between the two?
  5. digiracer

    Race Line

    Hi guys . Good to be back into slot cars, in the process of building a new track i hoped to achieve a racing line which i think i have but as usual i would make some changes to increase the race line using lane changes I one thing i would have liked to do is make the 4 lane back to 2 lane section enter from the opposite side of the track making the lane changers at the top of the hill an addvantage One thing i did achieve though is if you hold the lane change button you end up off line for 3/4 of a lap Good to read up about scorpius system ive always wanted to do a routered track and it sounds sensational haven't found anything on flippers yet what would you make them from or would you have to use scalex or similar. Very exciting stuff anyway. tried to post some pics on the track page with no luck and little skill with a pc so hopefully the link works http://www.youtube.com/user/wooduck1 Dave
  6. digiracer

    Up In Smoke

    Back in action with new power base. had a big night racing with no issues, racing 7 cars at on stage. :rofl: :clap:
  7. Hi Guys & Girls, Have recently discovered this forum and it's great, heaps of good info and advice. We have a group of 6 of us that have been racing on our SSD track. Looking forward to getting to know all of you and maybe meeting up for races. We're very interested in the Scorpius system and want to learn more. Fantastic concept as we are looking to build a routed track. cheers David & Julie
  8. digiracer

    Up In Smoke

    sorry you misunderstood the lane changers are powered by the standard power supply, the track powered by variable voltage dick smith transformer. unfortunately its out of warranty. looking to buy new power base or 2 after finding the slave power base mod. Is it possible to run 3 cars off each power base?
  9. digiracer

    Up In Smoke

    We have built a five metre by 1.6 metre digital track 4 lanes for 3/4 distance with 9 lane changes wired independantly to power base supply, wire taps every 4th track but after heavy nights racing of 4 cars on a 6 car power base, the power base went up in smoke. We've been told it's too many lane changes, any ideas how to make it work?
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