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  1. Hi - I put weight up the front, as well as each side and it improved. Next job is to lower the front by 2 or 3mm, I think that will do the trick. Did that with the Dodge Charger and the Mercury and it made a hell of a difference so it should work with this as well. I know some of those old style cars had their bonnets reaching for clouds, but when the toy car is on the track it looks better staying in the slot. Phil - still racing and tuning - tuning gone mad with all the 3d chassis being released for older fly cars. Done about 20 and 10 to do. Really pleased with things like the fly alfa GTAM, fly Porsche 911/34 - proper chassis makes them great runners that look sensational on track as they are all beautiful models. 3d chassis, 3d pods and recycle everything else as much as possible. Doing some Porsche 911 GT1, Marcos, BMW M3 GTR and Corvettes' as well - with the orange end bell equivalent motors they are competitive with slot it gt and even over a race gt NSR's. Will be in contact about sourcing some vac formed interiors!
  2. Hi Set one up yesterday and found a few pro's and cons to get it going on my tack. Just for reference my tack is 27m long, 6m main straight, 3 straights between 2.5 and 3m, high speed sweeper, a gentle s section, and 4 corners with radii of 300m for the inner lane. So all in all a fairly fast flowing track that I run at 11 volts. Cars need to be able to hang on at fairly high speed to keep momentum up. Grip is good, but too much means a car will dig in and tip or roll out, so a happy medium between grip and a little bit of gentle drift is important. The Javelin drove a lot like the scaley dodge charge, on the faster turns it just ran out of the slot at speed, but not really a problem. Existing tyres meant the car was to snappy in drifting out. Added NSR tyres, trued, added about 15g of weight (5 up front, and 10 middle to back) nail polish on the front tires. It is now running nearly as good as a trans am comaro. Will look at lowering the front a couple of mm and it should be a nice competitive car. The new scaley set up described by jphanna above is a definite positive for race tuners. Good clear spaces to work in for setting up. Also like the new "standardised" wheel size so there is more tire choice. Only thing letting this car down is the light bleed through the body at the rear end. The tail lights light up the whole end of it, which is red making it look a bit odd. Could paint the offending area black inside the body. This is the second new generation scaley I have done (Johnson Sierra the other) and I have to say the design changes makes putting them on the track a lot easier than before.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. My issue is that the 3d printed chassis bug has bitten me so and I'm using the old motors in the pods, however it is difficult to get sidewinder end bell drive pods. Can end drive pods are not a problem, but as I'm coverting mostly fly models the black stripe motors only have short shafts on the can end. the 3d chassis are great, don't take much time to fit, and turn terrible running (on wood) cars such as the porsche 911, 934/5 into great runners. I am using devis design pods that are also 3d printed, but the sdewinder pods don't fit anywhere near as well as the inlines. Done about 15 cars now, and more to go, and it starts getting expensive when I have to look at buying too many motors.
  4. Ooops, should have thought to be clear that my question was for sidewinder availability in end bell drive configuration. The all can end drive from what I can find. Really a problem when all the motors being used as donors have short end bell shafts. Have thought about the anglewinder option but space tends to be a premium. thinking of space saving Phil, do you still generic interiors by any chance.
  5. Someone may be able to help. I am converting a number of cars to 3d printed chassis and try to re-use the existing motors. It seems that slot it etc have stopped making enbell drive motor mounts. I have used the Devis 3d printed mounts, but for some cars it is better to use lighter mounts. any ideas? thanks
  6. Hi Guys Just reading this and someone earlier said the toranas and escorts would be at a disadvantage. 3D chassis could overcome this - SCX Escort is available from olifer, and they informed me to expect a torana chassis before xmas. BMW M3 E30 is also covered by olifer, put one under the Jim Richards Fly JPS version a few months ago and absolutely made the car - was front motored and as usual horrid, now one of the best in stable. You could allow these chassis and just stipulate they be tightened. ATCC is a great class, we run Bathurst/ATCC in our club and its a hoot!
  7. Cool, thanks for the link, can see one being smuggled past the boss for Christmas!
  8. Someone here may be able to give me some ideas or point me in the right direction to get hold of the GT3 Italia. What are the options for getting a kit into Ausatralia at a reasonable shipping price. The website quotes 30 euros which is a bit steep when you consider the kit is 55 euros. ideas?
  9. It all sounds like it runs pretty well with the standard chassis, along with the normal upgrading and trueing of tires, adding a bit of weight and loosening the screws. Next question is though, would the PCR chassis fit the old models? Thanks for all the discussion so far and a great review by Vinno.
  10. Hi Loving the look of the new cars coming - too many! Anyone heard anything about the new sierra and the new PCR chassis? Is it worth installing one, or do they run well enough with out it. Also, would the new sierra chassis retro fit into the old sierra's? thanks
  11. BMW is nice, but love the Sierra. How does it run, not a tip over teddy like the others?
  12. Great review and very informative - sounds like it will be a good drivers car on wood tracks. Will fit in beautifully with out Touring car masters - anything that ran in ATCC and bathurst before the supercar era. Older guys are fiting out Xy and Monaro resins, while the rest of us are running plastic bodied BMW's, XB's etc.
  13. Hi Does anyone know how the set up is different. The original sierra's are terrible runners on wood. Hopefully these are better, looking forward to the aussie versions.
  14. Tazracer

    Spirit Bmw 635

    I have both this car and the jaegermaeister version, but have only tried tuning the jaeger. Absolute mongrel out the box, tyres may have well been made out of concrete, axles crooked, and the ride too high. Very top heavy as well. Lowered it slightly, added under the stepped chassis, new axles, and MJK tyres (I think) and it drives okay now. Would take a fair bit more fine tuning to turn it into a racer.
  15. Thanks for the comments folks. So from this discussion so far it seems it won't fit a group 5 class which rules out running one in our club series. As for Avant vs Teamslot, I already have the team slot and have really struggled with setting it up. Chassis needs sanding and adding weight looks like it will be difficult. Agree with mannimal that it is a great looking car.
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