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  1. Looks good Nimrod. Print a few up and you could have your own Classic Commodore Cup series
  2. We send out the same message on an email and FB over the weekend reminding the guys of the venue and car classes for the upcoming Monday night's racing. This method is just a weekly reminder as we send out a programme at the start of the year that states all venues and classes from end of Jan to early Dec. approx. 45 weeks of racing per year. Has worked well for the past 10 years
  3. Wayne has the patience and engineering background to persevere with the "electickery" that is involved to go digital. I think we will all be pushing to use Wayne's cars for our first introduction to digital racing, when it happens
  4. Gday Alan, Waynes' new track which has its Grand Opening this Monday night is set up for digital, although the operators, hardware and soft ware are a little way off from being installed.
  5. triggy

    Digital Track Design

    Looks cool! a bit like Steve's where there are some fast sections then the tricky bits. I see you have maintained the McElroy sweeper in this new layout. I look forward to cutting some laps soon.
  6. triggy

    Nico Rosberg Retires

    Too much arrogance X2 for my liking
  7. triggy

    Nico Rosberg Retires

    Rosberg (Nico) said he was always worried as a kid that his dad would have a big crash and he didn't want his young child to go through the same feeling. I respect him for that... and as F1 World Champion.. Mission Accomplished
  8. If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.
  9. Nice simple layout. As you have a bridge shouldn't both lanes be alot closer in length to each other?
  10. triggy

    Car Spotting

    Might I say I always look forward to seeing what the latest offerings are on this thread as they are always interesting ( me being in my late 40's and remembering a lot of the vehicles). But more importantly a big thankyou to Gazza, as we are creeping up to the 8th year anniversary of this thread, for starting this thread and contributing more than 50% (tbc) of the content. It is greatly appreciated by me, and I am sure by the 140,000+ viewers as well.
  11. triggy

    New Shed New Track

    [quote name=Camber' timestamp='1452080836' post='246060' Apologies for hijacking the thread, but this is my dream track...Dicke Berta. At 52m long it has everything, at a pinch with low numbers you could even marshall it with 4 people. I would love to race this track, one day I'll build something similar. For several reasons, I'd be inclined to reverse the track direction though. Yes, apologies too for hijacking the thread, but that track is huge and looks like a good track to drive. Pete, SCR would be interested in running one of our fun nights on your track during the year if your receptive?
  12. triggy

    New Shed New Track

    Looking really good Pete. Just wipe over the surface with a damp cloth to pick up any dust before you race each time and you wont have a problem with grip.
  13. triggy

    New Shed New Track

    3mm MDF will be strong enough Pete. All my borders are 3mm MDF and are plenty strong enough. And I do like the look of your layout. Coming along nicely
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