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    Just thought I'd start a topic about Drones and Quad-copters. Has anyone flown them or got one? Any chance they have been used in conjunction with slot car racing? They seem to be used for everything else these days My son got me into them about 2 years ago and I've been bitten by the bug big time. I will post some photo's of my favourite's.
  2. The track is now gone Thanks for the memories
  3. Nope, the missus wants her loungeroom back
  4. Putting it out there if anyone is interested in owning this track give me a call or message. It would be a bit of work to dismantle and put it back together, but I'd be happy to help. Cheers,
  5. High bid was done by mistake as predicted here. High bidder came through with the payment of $58 - so it's all good.
  6. Came home to find a few of my auctions ended, checked the emails and What the.... http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160598204349&ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT I know I said it was rare, but not that rare. Anyway, I havent been on the forum for a while but I thought I had to post this one. Cheers everyone. (Sorry, don't know how I ended up posting in the wanted section)
  7. Merry Christmas Everyone. And a Happy New Year for 2011!!
  8. You got the same present as me!!
  9. I'm keen, especially since it is on my birthday and all....
  10. After a cull of many of my shelf queens I did a stocktake of my collection again today. It took much quicker than it used to take. From a peak of about 400 cars, Now I have only 105: 46 Scalextric 17 FLY 14 Ninco 19 SCX 5 Slotit 4 Proslot If i try very hard I might even be able to get back down into the 0-100 category.
  11. Happy Birthday Vinno! Have a beer for me!
  12. Happy Birthday Joey ! All the Best today and always mate!!
  13. Someone should inform the seller that the listing is not correct. I personally have no idea how many of the cars were produced, but someone in the know may be able to handle it and save the seller from having a disgruntled buyer down the track. But there is also the other side "Buyer beware" do your research first...
  14. Guy's I do believe that Daddy wrote that ad, not mummy. Have a look at another funny description by the same person Baby Born Stuff
  15. Clevo, I hate to say it but if those bikes ever go up in value I don't think they will keep up with inflation. Hardly any of them ever got used because they were such dogs on the track, so there must be plenty of brand newies all over the place. But in saying that, I do have a very small pile of them myself...lol...
  16. I don't think you need to stick with the Revell Braid. You can find some braid that is locally available and probably better, like Ninco Prorace braid or something.
  17. Scalextric is the main slot car brand known by everyone, so I generally put it in the listing title even if I am selling another brand of car. People who are searching for scalextric and only searching for the titles will see all my listings. I also put most of the compatible brands in the description to catch anyone else looking for slotcars. Even if they are looking for a Ninco car for example, something else I am selling may catch their eye?? Each to their own.
  18. Thanks for the Birthday wishes guys! One slotty present was an "Al Costner" Ford Mustang to add to the Transam Collection.
  19. itelectrical

    25 V8 Slot Cars

    OK, here's my guess.... $1375
  20. itelectrical

    Ssd Or Ninco

    I thought Ninco had good electrical connections. Wasn't there that track they made with 5 million track pieces?? Anyway need copper tape? see link below. PS. To answer Dazz_au's original question, if you want digital and money isn't a problem then definitely go scorpius.
  21. If it's 1/24 scale (since that is the section you are posting in) I'd say you are probably too heavy for the car. You should get your foot off it and it might be able to run a bit better.
  22. Unfair Tomi. If you don't mind keeping the car anyway I'd say a $50 refund at least would be more like it.
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    I'm sure the picture guide has been done before, but some of the old posts are as hard to find as the old needle in the haystack!
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