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  1. Bandit, Do not even think about it. You are a friend and a great competitor. I only posted to warn other proud owners of what could happen. You are the last person I would suspect. I can always buy another truck!!! See you at Penrith.
  2. You are probably right.
  3. If you do not expect it anything can happen. If you take 10 or so cars to a meeting do you check every one before you leave? We are too trusting.
  4. I decided to finally visit the new slot car complex in Penrith. (By the way it is brilliant) I haven't raced for a while so went through my collection to grab some cars to take. I thought that it would be great to take my truck and give it a run on a big track. Slight problem, I no longer had a truck!!!! Where the hell is it? Have not raced it for more than a year. Realised that the last time I saw it was at my previous local track where someone was showing an unnatural interest in it. I was not willing to part with it for any money. I can't prove anything and won't try to. Just watch your babies as you would your wallet.
  5. Sorry I missed this. Just need a bit more notice.
  6. I don't know if i will be there or not, but it's a bit rude to ask please don't upset the Gramar police. Got it wrong again.
  7. Please do not call me a Gentleman. Isn't that right Neil?
  8. Neil, Learn to spell, punctuate and observe grammar.
  9. I am going to have lots of stuff for sale. Keep posted.
  10. Imagine if all the posts are spelling correct. It's no going to happen is it!
  11. Please tell us you're not serious Neil. Im not serious,, Steve That's what I thought. Bullshit
  12. That's just the attitude I was talking about.
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