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  1. Wow another podium for the Junk Box Megane! Thanks to Phil,all the Hosts and every one involved. Phil put the car on the shelf with the others. As for the great Prizes, I will skip my pick and let some one else down the list get a nice prize. I think everyone else who entered must have put more work in than I did!
  2. My track is still hanging from Phils roof so is avaiable again this year,if Phil can organise the round. I will enter the old Megane again,just hope Phil can fir some more of those great tyres I used last time.
  3. I have not been about a lot recently so was surprised to get a message telling me I was holding up the prize selection! Thanks to all the hosts and entrants who have made this a great event. Shame about the Victorian round BUT S--T happens. As 356 has donated Jazzbells Porsche back into the prize pool I will select that as my prize. I will also like to give it to Phil, who I see has not selected a prize,as way of saying thanks for all the help with my cars,parts and for organizing the last round on your own.
  4. And it came out of Phils Junk box!! He only had it to use for a window mould!!!! Well done Tom and Cam the car was nice and smooth so easy to drive down here.
  5. I do not race at all and mainly drive on Scalex track,the only time I get a chance to use either my rally track or Phils tracks is about once a fortnight. IMO by looking at the times Haystack was manged to tame a couple of cars that I struggled with,this is probably due to the fact that he is a lot more experienced than me. I would be more than happy to drive every stage, BUT I am sure there are about 22 entrants in this event that are glad that I didn't! but the 8 entrants whose cars I was faster with would like me to! As this event is run in stages I cannot see any problem with different drivers in each stage. It would be a problem IF drivers changed during a stage.
  6. The wheels look O/K to me and I will be helping with the Scrutineering! But the final word will be Phils.
  7. I will be back again, don't know what with at this time,BUT it may be a Chaparral! Looks like I need a visit to some one that cast bodies.
  8. I have noticed from the IPS results you must have some inherant flaws with building low powered cars!
  9. I think he and Kimi are just trying to see who can bend more cars this year!
  10. I suppose Munter will have a Kiwi as his navigator! I have scrounged a Scalex 260Z and am negotiating to get it painted. While I work out how to fit an NC2 into the Scalex chassis and fit some larger wheels and tyres. Found a pic of this one and the colours are close to the Megane! Z rally car
  11. The Stig

    New Revell Racer

    I have looked at phils and I think his "Airfix" resin driver would fit without much work and look a lot better, then lower the body and intakes! I might have to wait for the Bruce version.
  12. Fly classics would not be much of a class IF the original chassis etc is to be used. Can am again.
  13. This might be some help for anyone entering a car this year: This is my winning car from last year. It is 105 grams,NC2 powered,57mm wide,ninco sprung guide eurethane tyres. Other than that pretty much standard, plastic wheels, old Ninco bearings used to locate front axle and I think Scalex rear bearings to reduce the axle slop.
  14. Some reed swithes/programs are sensitive to the reed swith polarity. Might be worth noting.
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