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  1. Hi All, I've been a bit out of touch with blst/slotfire progress for a while, but here's a link to a Slotforum post about the Slotfire product that Eno refers to: http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?...topic=9200&st=0 There's also the home page for Slotfire which now seems to have gone into production. http://www.slotfire.com Cheers, Andrew
  2. Peter, Sounds like an awesome event. Count me in. Digital with all its greater uncertainty will give me a better chance against all you harder core boffins. One assumption though - you have to have three friends! If I can offer a couple of comments: 1. Rules will be critical on digital. (Verbal abuse to be penalised, but fistfights over responsibility for LC crashes to be allowed under close referee supervision!) 2. A looonnngggg track will be needed to race 8 cars on 2 lanes. I've raced 6 cars on 15-20m of SSD with 4 LC's and it's mayhem. Perhaps N-Digital with straight LC's may be better, but time will tell. Any idea if Ninco have built in anti-collision mechanism like BLST? From the look of the current-break in the LC straights on one lane only it doesn't seem so. 3. Reslotting by marshall's isn't so straightforward in digital as although you can reslot the car on any lane there needs to be care that it doesn't interfere with any cars coming close behind, especially if the reslotting point is just after a LC and you don't know if approaching cars will take the LC or not. Again, with straight LC's this may be be more straightforward than in SSD, and time will tell with your planned N-Digital setup in your shop. 4. Controllers may be critical, especially if they're going to be assigned straight from the box. They may not all be created equal. Again, time will tell whether Ninco have similar problem to SSD on this. (See lots of threads on Slotforum about SSD controllers not reaching fully resistance.) 5. Three day committment may be asking too much for those who are allotted to race one the Saturday. Couldn't Sat be practice and Sunday the racing in 2 x 4-hour blocks? 6. I've got 4 kids aged 10 to 15 years interested who want to form their own team. Obviously not racing with the big boys (and girls), but if there are enough offspring of us slotters, could there be a kids event, say 4x15 minutes for example? I realise that's secondary, but may as well gauge interest now on that too. 7. The exposure will be tremendous. The more digital slotters nationwide the better for everyone. 8. Don't forget the girlies in the t-shirts. Need a slogan - eg "I like it digitally" That's my $0.02 worth. I look forward to this gaining lots of momentum. Cheers, Andrew
  3. Hi Guys, Did anyone go to the Melbourne Toy Fair? Was there anything new in digital from Scalextric or other manufacturers on display that hasn't already been reported from London or Nuremburg? (eg SSD pitlanes, SSD v2 powerbase, LC on straights etc)
  4. I've used a product called Rail Zip which probably is the same as Vinno's Rail Zap, and probably tastes the same too. It's still available in model train shops but is pricey (like $10 for a 40 or 50ml bottle). The train shop near me also recommended some solution that is used to clean scissors that you can get from a hairdresser [if you go, don't mention anything about braids as you'll come out loking like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz] Never tried that hairdresser stuff though. Probably cleans kids braces on their teeth pretty well too.
  5. scalxwag

    Digital Cars

    Hi Mike, Those DTM's look sooo good. I gotta check the budget and the hidden stash in the shed! I'd be interested to hear how well the new cars withstand the crash and bash of digital racing. Those stock boxters and audi's, although they look like crap, can really take a beating without looking banged up. Have fun this weekend.
  6. Hi Guys, Only recently joined Auslot. You had me in stitches reading this thread. And I thought it was just me trying to slip little purchases past my wife using the (too small) stash of cash hidden in the old paint tin in the shed with the spiders and cobwebs Purchases go straight into the box in the back room, but I do recall sleeping with a new Scalex sidewinder Subaru WRX next to my pillow (on *my* side) a couple of years ago. Such a delight to wake up to in the morning! My greatest feat ever was that somehow I managed to get "approval" for the new digital system purchase on the basis of it being my birthday present for the next 50 years or longer. [shhh about the paint tin.]
  7. Hi All, Just in case some of you don't read the overseas forums, there has been discussion and schematics for making a pseudo-randomly lane changing SSD ghost car. I had a toy with it and got it running last night and have spent hours watching it today. Comments: Lane changing on curves (out-to-in) makes life pretty hard for a dumb fixed-speed ghost car which has just picked up momentum on a straight, so you have to set their throttle to low speed, and probably less than you would need to with Carrera or SCX ghosties as their LC's are on straights. But it's still fun to watch your cars (all set on the same ID) battling it out and making seemingly strategic lane change decisions. Running a real car against the ghosties isn't much fun because they're so slow, but you can still practice dodging them. However, it's more fun to have races with real people with some ghosties clogging up the track and you not knowing what they're going to do at the next LC when you're fast approaching them from behind and trying to outwit your (real) buddy. The link to the full construction info is here: http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7002 I hope this is of interest to some of you. Cheers, Andrew
  8. Hi All, I thought I'd give an update on my situation with the overload errors. Today my dealer (MIB Global) and I set up my set in his shop and he watched the overload errors occur first hand. Fortunately it occurred on the very first lap with only one car! Over an hour or so, we systematically added and removed lane change curves, added a second power supply, and a new power base. Major thanks to Anthony at MIB for his time, patience and interest in solving this problem. Replacing the power base seemed to solve the problem (fingers crossed), as I have had no further overloads on lane changes in the 3 to 4 hours of pretty solid racing I have done since getting the set back home. Time will tell if this holds out. I should also note that adding a second power supply did remove the problem as well even with the original power base. So I've got one ordered just in case the problem reappears and since I'll go to 4 or more digital cars pretty soon anyway if all stays well. So for now all's well, and I'm hoping for some reliable racing now that I can finally integrate the digital with my existing stock of track. I hope others get their problems sorted out too. Cheers all, Andrew
  9. Hi All, Just discovered this forum! I've been reading o/s forums for a while (eg SF, SCI), and have posted a similar message to this on SF, but I'd like to get some info from local users on the scalextric situation. I just received my scalextric digital set (C1140 - the complete set) wednesday (dec 22) when the local shipment arrived (I'm in Melb). I'd like to offer the following comments if I may, and would be interested in those of others: - When it works, it is quite a different experience to analog racing and great fun. However, I never got past using the small track setup from the box. I also bought an extra controller/car package and 3 cars on a small track was a bit absurd. My plan was to make a large 2 lane track with my existing classic track but because of problems listed below I never got to that. - I had "Overload" problems with the lane changes. Frequently, but unpredictably, when changing lanes the "Overload" message would beep on the power base, power would be cut, and the current race aborted. I could not complete a 20 lap race without this happening. My dealer replaced the one lane change piece but that did not solve it. This problem occurred with one car, with two cars, and very often with 3 cars racing together. My set is now back with the dealer over xmas. - You have to be really careful with to smooth braids before replacement after deslotting as inadvertent shorting (again causing the Overload error) is possible. This never seemed to be much of a problem with "analog". - Although the overload errors are frustrating, the real killer bug is that the error aborts the current race. Imagine that on the last lap of a race when you're charging toward the finish line in 1st place and someone else shorts the lane change. Some sort of firmware upgrade in the power base should solve this [i have version 1.2]. There's an unused RJ-45 socket on the power base, but it's not clear what`that is for. - On other forums people have posted with the "Overload" errors and one person reported back from correspondence with Scalextric saying that they recommend two power packs for "optimal performance" even with two cars. Other problems have been reported with the power base and uneven track surface of lane changes (bumps or ditches). Rare quality control errors are a fact of life. Major bugs should not be. - The Porsche Boxters are not much to look at but they are solid enough to take a beating as collisions can be forceful. I don't know whether I'd convert my existing prized cars yet. - The LCD display on the power base is a bit disappointing. I look forward to the "Pro" version with PC connectivity. [And also thanks for all the info on this forum about Sport World] - I hope to get up and running again when my dealer opens on Wednesday. Perhaps with a new power base, perhaps a whole replacement set. I also want to buy a second power pack but so far have not found anyone in Melb stocking that item (C7004). Spares in general seem to be very sparse. That's about it for my inital experience. I'd be interested in hearing whether others here have encountered similar problems. I hope the problems I am having are the exception rather than the rule, as the potential of digital racing seems enormous. Cheers.
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