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  1. Who at PB Pro did you send yours to? How long was the turn around? What do you think of it (take a little while bfore you answer that one) Are you running a separate power supply, a thousand questions I have to ask but no doubt you will report on you experiences, I have bought the 6 car 1.5 version PB off Ebay which I want to upgrade to PB Pro when it arrives, Very jealous Indeed! Congrads Brad
  2. I mean this, forgive me for my ignorance, I am new to this digital racing, isn't the Track piece marked AZ1 where the 4 controlers plug into the power base?
  3. but how do we connect the d-3800 to the ssd AZ1 track piece?
  4. Thanks to everyone, bought the slotit motor with adapter plates, wacked it in with a slotit chip and she is travelling a treat at the moment. Cheers and thanks again
  5. would like some info on connecting the DSE3800 to my scalextric digital sport track, I think what happens is I cut the plug of another 4 car PB (model on back says AZ1) and connect between PB & the DSE3800 from the set of banana connectors. Anything else I need to Do or Know, I am new to this but have had car surging problems when one leaves the track so have bought the DC3800 to help with this problem, just dont know enough about electrictronics and dont want to blow anything up. I have read all I can on this site and am still not sure what or how to do? pics especially would be good Thanks to anyone that can help
  6. Ok, so most seem to agree that the SCX are rubbish, but I have been collecting Scaleys and the SCX Cars for years, SCX because they have a larger range in the NASCAR series past & present, really dont care what I spend on a couple of prescious cars (Earnhardt Snr) to run them on my digital track, would be happy to replace the motors if need be, Slot It does a motor Replacement the SIMCO3 but she spins 29000 RPM by the sounds of it this will also burn the Scalextric chips, I have bought a Slotit Digital chip to install to have a look but the LED on these are fixed and I have no idea yet whether the lane changes will work as good as the Scalextric,anyone tried these chips???
  7. I have recently converted from Scalextric Analogue to Digital, all the new Scaley DPR cars updated with the easy fit plugs & working fine, have done lots of research, obtained photos and wired my SCX with digital plugs but every one of the simply goes up in smoke, one car did make tree laps before dying, what could I be doing wrong? :clap:
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