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    The Lost Tracks...

    Well, found some more lost tracks.... Can you believe a 220 foot Engleman that has operating in a huge shed near Maleny on the Sunshine Coast for the past 15 years.. The track started life in Bundaberg, then moved to Rockhampton. The initial construction was supervised by Garry J so it got all the right curves in the right place. The club 2BR ( two brothers racing) are very active on FB so look em up. Also in their huge slot car track museum is a couple of other tracks, one of them is the old Stafford track.. They dragged it back from Brisbane in poor condition and got me to help them use the good bits to make an 8 lane speedway. A few weeks ago, another track was resurrected, another 8 lane figure eight speedway type track, came from Browns Plains and is now operating at Red Racer in Margate. Check it out on FB
  2. I was on facebook the other night and one of the groups had a clip of an interview by a reporter on slot car racing... It featured a big club somewhere in middle america and the main story centered around an old guy that said... "Most of the drivers in our club are over 60 but everyone in this room is about 16" The point he was trying to convey is the baby boomers are retiring and looking for things to do.. and they are the ones coming back to slot cars, they've already done it before, we've just got to find them and hopefully they will get hooked again.. this time with deeper pockets and after all, they were the ones that started the slot car craze. So, lets target them.. lets face it, they're too old for other passions like track, field and footy, but most have raced slotcars as a kid and they're still fast!
  3. Ahh yes.. I remember Lens daughter.. she was a bit younger when I was around... I met her and her mum when I stayed at Len's place while building the 220 foot monster for him. Building that track nearly killed me dragging 3600 x 1800 sheets of chipboard up the stairs! No wonder I'm half deaf these days... it was all those laps with a router..they were long straights and big turns.
  4. Well.. okay.. I'll be your friend Munter. Your test track is a great. it's got it all.. small and large radius turns, a decent straight and takes up little space. Most of us lack any way of sorting a car before trekking long distances only to find our chassis tune / motor / gearing is all wrong. Well done.. friend.
  5. Lenny.. that would be Rick and his wife ... cant get it out of my head.. her crawling out on the plank to marshal the middle of the donut.. in her hot pants... and that was 45 years ago...
  6. Great test track.. or club track for someone with no friends
  7. It's the environment guys.. Many years ago I went to a club track in Uden Holland and was surprised to find lots of ladies racing slotcars. By the end of the night it became obvious why they liked coming... 1/ Everyone was dressed nicely like they were going out for dinner - not blokes in trakkie daks, shorts and thongs or worst still grubby motor racing mechanic's overalls /shirts. 2/ The place had the vibe of a private club bar with low lighting, soft music and a lounge/bar area that sold beer, wine and hot pomme frits. 3/ In the pit area a few guys had pulled out briefcase size pegboards of slotcar parts and other guys were selling nicely set-up 2nd hand cars so a newbie could buy and drive straight away.. 4/ Slotcar boxes were minimal and only a couple of classes were raced... not as many classes as possible in the shortest amount of time. This way it gave time to retreat to the bar area and get into social/car conversation. 5/ The girls were very competitive, all knew each other and it seemed to be a regular night they allowed for on their social calander... Some even bought along their single girl friends.. although I was'nt lucky enough to find out why So, here's the thing. Maybe to get new racers, and even ladies we should be looking at having a social night once every now and then so we can introduce our partners, and non slotcar friends to racing... or we can continue with our lack of social skills and wonder why we cant get new people to race...
  8. I think Facebook is the front door many need to look thru and see just how much slot car activity is out there.. and it's huge! Once on Facebook you are introduced/find so many groups with a common interest it will make your head spin. As Munter said you get a huge response to any question as many Slotcar groups are linked to Facebook. Do also agree with Phil re old posts but thats where the groups some come in with their various area's of specialty and their own archive base.
  9. Hey Silver Rocket.. what sort of cars do you guys race to 30 to 50 a night?
  10. Wow Pete.. you're a surprise for an old wingcar racer... thats the one. Ive got the body.. and the entire 4WD chassis except for the motor and wheels. I' on to a pommie site that may have so i'll see how that go's Thanks for the exploded view. Regards, Kim
  11. Thanks Steve.. they talk about the demise of forums.. grrrr.. why cant this forum have click and drag or at least when I click on "upload files" a box appears that enables me to insert pics. I'll give it a go tonight and if I fail take up your posting offer.. Thanks And yes.. the Monogram 1/32 GP was a weapon compared to all other's.. Unfortunately my mates were into speedway so I converted mine to the Monogram Speedway body... wish I had them now..
  12. Guys, I'm chasing a MRRC double ended "train" motor for my 60's Mercedes... It's the 4 wd chassis with akerman steering.. anybody.. anybody.. can help? I'd put a pic up but I still can't post on this site.. I must be dumb and stupid because I can do it on all other sites.
  13. Hi Guys, had a few queries re the Scaleauto 1/32 regs. They can be found here on the ACE hobbies website: https://www.acehobbi...-132scaleautogt
  14. Hi All, as events co-ordinator for Red Racer please find attached information for this years biggest Scaleauto event scheduled for July 21 and 22. Werner from Ace hobbies has instigated this event so for more details please go to the Ace Hobbies website. The event: The 2018 Australian Scaleauto Championship (ASC) organised by Werner of Ace hobbies is sanctioned and supported with official approval of A.J. Leeman Hobbies P/L Sydney and IBB Auto Racing, Barcelona Spain, the manufacturer of Scaleauto Cars. The Venue: Red Racer Hobbies, 300 Oxley Ave, Margate Queensland located on the north side of Brisbane on the Redcliffe Peninsular. There are plenty of motels and accommodation nearby on the foreshore. For more details re accommodation go to Ace hobbies website. The Track All racing will be on the 8 lane - 48 meter Masters track @12 volts. Classes: This event will cater for both old SC-8000 and new SC-8003 chassis with GT Bodies and 1/32 Scaleauto GT Prizes: All podium finishers will receive Trophies, the sponsors have also supplied merchandise and accessories. The Programme: Friday 20th July Practise all day - track opens 10am to late Saturday 21st July track opens 9am - practise to 3pm. Saturday 21st 3pm - 1/32 Scaleauto GT Teams event - two drivers - trophies for podium finish. Sunday 22nd -Track opens 8.30am, racing starts at 9am. Sunday 22nd - 1/24th Scaleauto GT SC-8000 Sprint Race - trophies for podium in both Pro and Am Sunday 22nd - 1/24th Scaleauto GT SC -8003 Sprint Race - Trophies for podium finish in both Pro and Am Sunday 22nd - 1/24th Scaleauto GT Teams race - 2 drivers - Trophies for podium finish in both SC -8000 and SC -8003 Note: no pro/am classification for Teams events. Race Formats: Team events will be 2 driver only - two hours allocated per class - Heat duration dependant on entries Sprint events one driver only - 8 x 3 minutes - 1 minute lane change Race Fee's: Red Racer Pitt pass - $20 - gives you two days of practise from Friday 10am to Saturday 3pm Sprint events - $15 single driver. Team events - $35 per team Rules and Regs 1/24th scale as per Australian Scaleauto rule set on this site. 1/32 Scale Rules and regs go to the Ace Hobbies website. Entry registration will end midnight Thursday 19th July. For all information regards this event and the official entry form go to the Ace hobbies website and click on site below and go to Galleries: https://www.acehobbi...om.au/galleries So, with 30 Trophies up for grabs and generous merchandise from the sponsors this should be a great event.. get your teams together now! Note: Werner's overseas for a few weeks but you can email him or pm me if you need more information. Regards, Kim
  15. Glynn from the "Old Flaggy's" race team was one the first lucky reciepent's of Cams beautiful new Slotworx bodies. Glynn presented an immaculate Shell / Pirtek car to win concours at the Queensland Enduro titles at Red Racer last weekend. Ironically, Glynns car was exactly the same as the one on the "number plate" trophy's we presented for the event... Thanks Cam, for the producing these outstanding body's .. The details and extra bits you get with the new range of bodies will make anyone proficient in the art of car presentation...
  16. HI RACERS - RESULTS FOR RED RACER EVENT ON 3RD DECEMBER. Thanks all for coming. SCALEAUTO GT racing to 2016/17 National ruleset 8 x 15 minute brackets 1st Narangba 1 - simon & Andrew 829 laps 2nd Narangba 2 - Sean & Richard 791 laps 3rd Outsiders - Nick & Greg 789 laps 4th Old Flaggy's - John & Glynn 667 laps SCALEAUTO new GT carbon fibre production class 8 x 15 minute brackets 1st Bat L Axx - Noel & Kim 811 laps 2nd WW Racing - Werner & John 807 laps 3rd Kiwi Racing - Grant & Gerald 757 laps 4th Wanabee - Steve & Paul 748 laps SLOTWORX V8 RESULTS 9 x 12 minute brackets 1st WW Racing - Werner & John 677 laps 2nd Narangba 1 - Simon & Andrew 667 laps 3rd Bat L Axx - Noel & Kim 666 laps 4th Narangba 2 - Sean & Richard 654 laps 5th Outsiders - Nick & Greg 630 laps 6th Kiwi Racing - Grant & Gerald 622 laps 7th Wannabe - Steve & Paul 621 laps 8th Old Flaggy's - John & Glynn 558 laps 9th Zone 4 - Allan & Eric 503 laps GT3 REULTS 9 x 12 Minute Brackets 1st WW Racing - Werner & John 738 laps 2nd Bat L Axx - Noel & Kim 733 laps 3rd Narangba 1 - Simon & Andrew 729 laps 4th Wanabee - Steve & Paul 726 laps 5th Kiwi - Bruce & Gerald 709 laps 6th Narangba 2 - Sean & Richard 702 laps 7th Zone 4 - Allan & Norm 670 laps 8th Outsiders - Nick & Greg 660 laps 9th Old Flaggy's - John & Glynn 567 laps
  17. Trophies have arrived for this event.. With the help of fellow racers Simon Wakelin and Peter Shannon I think slot car trophies have just gone to a new level. Cant wait to present these... I'm pretty sure the racers will really want one! The race format has changed slightly with Scaleauto as the first class to run at 9am followed by the V8's
  18. Hi all, there has been a lot of interest in this event and now have 9 teams wanting to race. Teams entered are: Narangba 1 - Simon & Andrew Narangba 2 - Sean & Richard WW Racing - Werner & John Kiwi Racing - Grant & Gerald Team Wannabe - Steve & Paul Bat L Ax - Noel & Kim Old Flaggy's - John & Glynn Outsiders - Nick & Greg Zone 4 - Allan and Eric A few changes have been made to the classes and revisions have been made to comply with the National Ruleset so this race can have the following classifications. 9am to 11am SLOTWORX V8 - 2 hour State Title teams race - The Slotworx National ruleset which states for motor & Gears: a) "13d motors like Plafit or SRP to be specified before race." Therefore for this event the Fox 4 motor is specified. All gearing and all other aspects to National Slotworx Rules. 12 to 2 pm SCALEAUTO 2 hour State TitleTeam race - This only applies to the 2016/2017 rule set for the SC 8000 chassis to 2016/17 rules with 1.8 mm start clearance. Motors - Scaleauto Enduro 12/44 & NSR 10/44. For those choosing to run the new chassis ( SC8003) a formal ruleset is not in place yet so for this event cars must have a minimum of 1mm clearance and the Standard Scaleauto Endurance motor only - Note - No lexan body parts - Standard interior and windows must be used. Trophys for the new class will be called Scaleauto Production. 3pm to 5pm Lexan GT3 - 2 hour State Title teams race. Cars to National rules. Note. Gearing is now standard 12/44 and SRP longcan motor to comply with National Rules. General Rules: Event will have a maximun of 2 hours race time - two drivers per team sharing the race time equally. All cars may run either Scaleauto or Plafit Black Magic tyres. All classes minimum start clearance of 1mm, ( except SC8000 - 1.8mm ). Cars will be checked for clearance at halftime. Any cars deemed to be too low ( less than .5mm) will be removed from the track. All mechanical repairs and tyre changes can only be executed under green (during race time) - no work on cars during lane changes Trophy's will be presented for each class straight after each event. There will also be a concours prize for both Slotworx V8 and GT3. Racing costs will be $15 per driver per class. These rules are now final. Any Team changes or late entry Teams please PM me. Looking forward to a great event and seeing everyone trackside. Kim Axton
  19. Actually Cam, I'm a bit annoyed with your new car. Everyone knows I hate painting slot car bodies. I generally prefer the Fox treatment.. that is.. stand back at 10 paces and hit the spray can button. A few stickers and I'm done... (although someone once told me it was not cricket to have two different tyre and oil manufacturers on the same car.. can you believe ?? ) However I digress.. Your car looks so good I just cant do it... sob.. I'm actually going to have to make the effort the body warrants.. and paint it like a grown up. Well done mate.. looking forward to our next race meet with the Cup car.
  20. For all the results you'll have to talk to Pagey.. he's got the beer swilling and hamburger eating results
  21. Thanks Werner... Great to see so many new faces from the southern states competing and getting podium placings. A few years ago it would have been a Queensland clean sweep. I'm sure every racer that has entered one of these events, both past and present appreciates your continuing support hosting these events for the past 10 years. Robbo, big of you mate stepping up to the plate and taking on the task of running such a huge event, by this weekend you will have probably recovered enough to wonder if you ever want to do it again.
  22. Great to hear you had a great time Ding and went so well. Werner, Robbo, some of us aren't Facebook friendly and seeing you guys and a lot of contestants have gone to a great deal of effort to support this event please post some results on this forum so we can give the winners the kudos they deserve.
  23. Nope.. dont have issue 14.. but I have a contact for the publisher of Mini Wheels and will pursue.
  24. Yes, I must say for the price the truespeed is a very good controller. I did some testing after club racing at BVR last week and was able to get my LMP to do the same lap times as my "tuned" Carsteen. It's not all about the odd fast lap times though... to win a race you need a controller you can set up to give you a long string of laps with very similar lap times in a comfortable driving mode that allows you to keep the car on the track. For me the Carsteen ( and keep in mind I had spent hardly any time tuning the truespeed) lets me achieve that.
  25. It would be good to find other racers that can help with the missing issues, So we dont double up the Mini Wheels I'm about to scan and the couple already on the site it looks like we have issue's 2,4,5,8,9,11,12,13,15,16 already covered.. Can anyone fill in some of the gaps?..
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