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  1. I would like to see some of the early Aussie Sports Sedans like John McCormack’s Charger, Jim Richards Mustang,Frank Gardner Corvair,etc
  2. You can buy Trackmate in Australia from MrSlotcar in Hallam,Victoria
  3. Hi Shaynus what we have run occasionally at MrSlotcar is what we call a SLR race.An SLR race or single lane racing Where each competitor selects a car and puts it on a lane.That car stays in that lane for the entire race.At the end of the bracket all the cars are returned to the start line and you plug your controller in in the next lane.So for instance one bracket you could be running an NSR,the next bracket a Scalextric,the next a Womp and so on.You could end up driving a rocket ship one bracket and the next bracket the car could be slow and doesn’t handle.A lot of fun
  4. Thank you I designed the track and did the scenery and MrTrax built the track.I can run 3 1:24 cars on it as well as 1:43 and 1:32 and it has Trackmate timing
  5. https://s765.photobu...vha6.jpeg.html?
  6. Here is the link to my new track Journeyman Racewayhttps://s765.photobucket.com/component/Download-File?file=%2Falbums%2Fxx295%2Fmosportsfan05%2F1626B783-21F9-4163-8E7A-349D42375F67_zpsekolvha6.jpeg
  7. Tony.A

    A9X Torana

    The first couple of Toranas I replaced the stock rear wheels with Slot It wheels off the Alfa 33 and used MJK tyres.The latest Toranas I have bought have run perfectly straight out of the box,haven’t had to add weight or true the tyres
  8. Tony.A

    A9X Torana

    Brock only raced the 4 door A9X once at that was the February 1978 Rothmans meeting at Sandown on his first race back with MHDT.I have found that the current Scalextric range has improved a lot in quality and performance right out of the box.The last 3 Scalextric cars that I have bought I have not had to true the tyres or replace the wheels like I had to on the early Toranas
  9. February 22nd to March 22nd BRM 2 Litre,BRM GT1 and ScaleAuto GT3 March 29th 2 Hour Enduro for Plafit JDM(Japanese Domestic Market) April 5th to May 17th Plafit JDM,BRM Le Mans Classic and ScaleAuto GT3 May 24th 2 Hour Enduro for 1/32 RevoSlot
  10. Johanna you are wrong,the Chev Monsanto was run as a Sports Sedan/GT car and never raced as a Touring Car or Improved Production Car.Yes there is Chev Monza running in TCM now but it doesn’t run the big rear wing.
  11. Breakout racing is one way to keep it to a level playing field where the older cars are still competitive and it is the most popular class at MrSlotcar
  12. With the Toranas all I did to get them to handle was to replace the standard rear wheels with the Slot.It wheels off the Alfa Romeo 33 and fit MJK tyres and that turned it into a rocket ship
  13. You can add Plafit,BRM,Revislot and Slotworx to that list of high performance no mag chassis
  14. Not all RTR cars have the same chassis,motor or gear ratios and once you remove the magnet or magnets there is some chassis tuning that needs to be done.You need to make sure that the chassis is flat and not twisted.Weight needs to be added to the chassis as it will now slide without the magnetic downforce.The screws on the motor pod if there is a pod fitted can be loosened and the body mounting screws can be loosened a bit too.All four tyres should be trued as well
  15. No politics where I race and I would rather spend that sort of money on a well built car than some of the 1/32 cars where you need to spend another $50 or more on top of the purchase price to get them to run properly .But in saying that there is no one scale that is better than the other as it depends on one’s finances,space availability,what is being run at your local centre and what your own personal preference is.
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