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  1. Hi Lads. Looking to see if any one may have a BRM Porsche #17 for sale. Shell car yellow and red. Part Number BRM 049 Tanks. Paul
  2. Nice work Terry. Great looking car. If she goes as good as she looks , would be a champion. I have also a new Honda to Build for this years Tasman. At this stage have not even opened the box she came in. Have gone with the Pendals shell and build my own chassis. Looking forward to building the car, although I am time poor with, work a priority at the moment. Good luck to your self. Paul
  3. Gday all, Has this time come around already. Alan, put me in please. Not sure of what, I am running. Going to hope for a new car build. All the best to all "let the fun begin"
  4. Gday NimRod. Just seeing how you are going with the littler Blue Birds. Paul
  5. Gday Nimrod, Ben watching the progress with you Blue Bird. Nice work. Any chance to order one please. regards, Paul
  6. Nice work Terry, All set up for next year? , we all better get our fingers out and get started. Paul
  7. Thanks Phil. As you know just happens some times. All the planets align, and a little pixie dust ps; will be chasing you for a shell for next year. Thanks again, Paul
  8. Alan, thanks for putting on the series. Lots of work and effort behind the scenes for you and the missus.. Well done to all entrants for building these great little cars. All the track owners, drivers and marshals who help and run the events. Could not be done without you lot. In all I am surprised at how well my little car went. Was a quick build over many months. When time would allow. All my past cars were OK, but not good enough. Something to put into next years race. Well done to Alan and Brumos Both racers we held in Adelaide were hard fought and conditions on the day played a major part in the results. Thanks again, Paul
  9. Hi all, Today is the day. Racing at 1300, at Spitfire Raceway (due to Covid, invites only) Good luck to you all. See you at what is the end of this series for this year.
  10. Hi all, Alan has put out the feelers and looks to be a race schedualed for this Saturday afternoon 31st . LOOK OUT and STAND BACK If she comes off all the best to all.
  11. Extremely well done . Has any one actually raced one. How o they go. Can only imagine the cost would be expensive. Paul
  12. Well done Alan, Good luck to all involved. Hope the little cars get to the end in one piece. See you all at the end.
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