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  1. Hi all, Thanks to Alan and Mike, all the drivers and marshals. Alan great effort to get this series off the ground this year. Mike thank you for hosting a great day. All the drivers did extremely well as did all the cars. Most of the races / cars were consistent with little off's and not much carnage, at all. Marshaling was not to busy at all. The track is technical and requires concentration. It is a great track for these little cars. Most of all when I built the little 1512 Ferrari I did not expect to place on the podium never mind wining the round. Congratulations the Dennis and Brumos. See where we end up by the end of the series. Best of luck to all Thanks again Paul
  2. Nice work Alan. Look forward to testing and the race at Mikes. Paul
  3. Hi Alan, My Ferrari is nearly there. Had a quick run around at Marks. Final detail and decals, shes done. Then a tune up run. Specs; Ferrari 1512 PP shell PP chasis SRP18 9/24 ratio PP wire spoke rims MJK tyre Solt it guide
  4. Nice work Rosco. Looking forward to getting mine. Paul
  5. Hi all. MEK is also used in manufacture of fiberglass and similar products (shipwrights and glassies use it every day) You maybe able to pick up from local chandler shop NOTE; this product is extremely dangerous if misused. DO NOT get i you eyes. This will make you go blind in minutes if not treated. We had a guy at work (we saved) and his screams I will never forget. Be careful lads.
  6. Rosco thanks for the reply. Seems if you want to build a chassis you need this. I have tried to drill off an Ally plate 10mm thick. Is not close enough when you get down to scale. Thanks again, Will chase him up. Paul
  7. Hi Rosco, Nice work mate. Nice to see how the Torry goes. Rosco I have been looking for a build plate for a while. Can I ask where did you get the Precision Slot build plate from. Thanks, Paul
  8. Thanks Den, Yes they are expensive. I picked up one of the Chrono kits. Needs full assembly. Thought it was worth a look. As you say the front tend is a bit light on. Have seen on here at some time a retro fit front clip/ chassis. this converts to a solid axle. If I could get one of these modification kits it may be a good thing. Cheers, Paul
  9. Hi all. Have purchased a Chrono SRC M23 (kit) Looking to set up as track car. Has any one done this as yet. Looking to see if there are issues with the front axle and or steering. I would think an axle may be better, than the steering system that is supplied with the car.. Also though some one was producing a chassis to accept an axle set up. See like a fairly well detailed kit with every thing. Thanks, Paul
  10. Will have a look on the weekend Johnny Let you now.
  11. Need to get a move on. It will be time before we know it. Good luck lads an girls (as the case may be)
  12. Hi Lads, I will look into the circuit boar d for a try (Thanks Charlesx) Will chase the Percision Slot car jig. See if we can get them from a local supplier some where in Aus. I am currently using a ceramic tile 150mm square. With scribe lines etc. Works ok Looking for the next best thing?? Thanks again, Paul
  13. Hi all, Looking for set up / build plate or board. Need for chassis construction with multiple hoes for pins. Thanks, Paul
  14. Hi guys, have a new Ferrari to build for the next comp. Have not started yet. Should have some time soon. If we were to race this year I was going to re-tune last years car. Looking forward to the proxy when it starts (eventually) Paul
  15. Hi all , well done. Been flat out at work. Opened the page tonight to find she has been rebuilt. Good work lads. All the best Paul
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