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  1. At least someone gets my sense of humor....I think I'd better stick to slot car talks.Traction problems solved .Thanks everybody.
  2. Hey Count , I THINK I MAY have to try number 730..........HA , HA ,HAR Here is something for you to think about.....I spy with my little eye something beggining with R. The answer is pirates....can you tell me why?
  3. I'm using foam as this setup came with the cars when I bought them.
  4. To all that have replied thanks for your input , it's all news to me.Lane 2 & 3 were made operational by 6.00 pm last nigtht. I have cleaned the track again & again and traction is improving, but still not good enough.I agree that track may not be big enough to run 16D's to their full potential & would like to know [ what where who how ] more about 'glue'.The kids helped test the track last night & a mate is comming for a BBQ today and a few laps.Any comments about the track are appreciated because your helping to make my toy work better. Regards , Jase
  5. Sorry , I'd post photos but I've been too busy building my new 3 lane MDF track.This afternooon the first lane was laid with copper tape and used immediatly.The running surface is matt plastic water base paint , my power supply is a 20 amp switch mode rectifier running at 13.69 volts.The only way I can decrease the voltage is with the temp compensation probe [may be able to decrease to 13.00 volts].My cars are currently Womps [with 16D motors] & 2 off 15 year old scaley F1 rolling wrecks[tyres & pickups are good].I want to use the Womps because they are modified speedway rods & look kool to me. The scaleys are lapping faster than the Womps because of the traction/voltage/surface problem.The only other info I can think to add is the back straight is approx 3.8 m leading into an 800 mm radius 180 degree turn .The smallest amount of throttle the cars will allow the cars to survive the corners , any more & the whole track is only good for drifting.As of yet I am still to conect the 2 other power taps to this lane. Any input would be appreciated. Regards , Jase
  6. Hi to all currently in the planning stages of my first routed track.I look foward to obtaining feed back from those with experience and those without.Track size will be approx 6000mm x 2400mm,but must be able to stand against shed wall. Can anyone give me the heads up on copper tape vs copper braid vs stainless braid. Regards , Jasen
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