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  1. Hello Helrayzer, please check out these videos to make sure that you're attempting the program function correctly. You need to have a slow button click to program the cars. http://www.youtube.com/user/CarreraUSA Dave K Carrera of America
  2. Not quite sure, but I vaguely remember reading somewhere it was for 3 years. The slotcar market is too small for exclusive licensing like this, especially for Ferrari that have so many attractive models to be made. How many new models does a slotcar manufacturer release during a year? 5? or maybe 10? and how many of those would be Ferrari's? What I really don't understand is why Carrera chose to make the Ferrari 599xx instead of the F430 GTC. The 599 have been raced once or twice as a show car with minimal liveries, while the F430 is being raced all over the world in numerous liveries. The BBR F430 is a Ferrari Challenge car (club class) so Scalextric is still the only manufacturer to have released the proper GTC version that compete in the GT classes. It would fit perfect into the Carrera GT range, but where is it? The Carrera license with Ferrari is for 3 years. The 430 is currently being phased out as the current GT car. Why make a car that's in the process of "being old". The 430 and very similar 360 Modena, has been done by so many other companies... why would Carrera do it? Because of the multiple number of deco's? A "current car" is a fleeting thing... today's hot car is 2011's has been. Why was the 599xx made? Well why not? There will be a number of Ferrari's made over the next 2 and a half years by Carrera, you have to start somewhere. I do agree with your comments about the BBR car, it's one of my favorite slot cars of all time! Excellent model and a fantastic running car. As you might expect there are a number of Ferrari's that Carrera will do next year. DaveK
  3. You're correct they are a bit heavier than other types of cars. But they're the most concentric aftermarket wheels I've found. That, to me is the most important thing. I race on wood tracks and I own a wood track. Every car I'm serious about must be smooth on my wood track or it goes back for more work. I've never had a bad wheel from them and Slot Car Corner gives some of the best customer service around. I know the guys that make the wheels and they're fanatical about getting the wheels perfect. Yes, they now make wheels with a more vintage look to them... see them here: http://www.slotcarcorner.com/products/CB-D...sic-Wheels.html They're a spoke wheel that you'd find to be very close in design to a Ferrari wheel. I've used mostly silicone tires because here in the states that the desire tire compound. DaveK
  4. Hmmm.... I expected more enthusiasm for someone that works for the company. Still trying to work out whether to take this as a good thing (honest and low hype) or a bad thing (they pay the bills so I'll say its good but its really beige or worse). They look pretty (actually very), but I've been bitten by Carrera in the past. I need convincing to shell out the very limited cash for one. Embs Well, I try to let folks decide for themselves if a car is up to their standards or not. I like the car quite a lot. I understand what you're saying. If you haven't tried a Carrera car in some time you should try the Audi as I've said.
  5. Slot Car Corner's wheels are excellent, I use them on everything I get serious about racing. They've made some nice new wheels recently that you should check out. The LMP wheels are great and the Nascar wheels are awesome as well.
  6. Give the Audi R8 LMS a try, it's quite a good car, a very neutral weight bias. I've been tuning one up and it's lots of fun to drive.
  7. slotcarnews


    And by extension the job with Carrera now too... Anytime you want to talk let me know. I'm nearly always online... "slotcarnews" on Skype.
  8. It will be nice to see more Cuda's on the market for sure. I know I'll be getting a Pioneer Cuda as well...
  9. They are shipping now from GT.
  10. BTW, the Sunoco 917 is NOT a standard release car, it's a special edition available only to participants in the NSR series going on in the US. A handful have been sold I believe outside the series but not many... just thought I'd put that note here. Nice photos Rick. Too bad I couldn't see you again this year in Germany.
  11. That was sure a surprising incident! ... I have a piece of that car in my slot room... great shade of green.
  12. slotcarnews


    I agree, my blog, Slot Car News got me the job with SCX. Blog on!
  13. Henri Chemin drove one of the Gurney cars extensively in Europe. And in 1980 (10 years after the height of Trans Am) Sid Rust drove one of the Gurney Cuda's in Trans Am!
  14. Yes, confirmed the COT's will all have the B motor. The Pro cars have the H motor. DM, There are many Cuda's that raced in Europe and a handful in the States. Most with the Hemi hood, and some with the AAR hood. SCX should have enough liveries of the AAR-hooded cars to do for a number of years.
  15. Well a lot of drama here I can see. ...so the box with prizes is in the mail this morning to Phil, who will receive the box and send the cars to the appropriate people. I included a pair of 2008 SCXWW Club Porsches, a pair of 2009 SCXWW Club Peugeot's, and a Spirit Peugeot 406 Silhouette and stickers to be given out as Phil sees fit. BTW, does anyone know how I can get me car back? I don't know who to talk to about that. DaveK
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