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  1. Caught the Slot It bug have you Rick?
  2. Nice report on the testing sessions Vince! Certainly a class I'm looking forward to. It's making me salivate already!!! As for the Carrera Ferrari 575, wonder if dropping a simliar performance motor in, comparable to the rest of the field, would make a difference in parity and handling. Probably worth a try. Cheers, Clinton
  3. Yeah cool you fan of the french..LOL. As long as you bring them over next time so we can get a few luscious shots of them sexy things.
  4. Happy Birthday Viv...don't forget to wear that schmick cap mate!! LOL Have a great week!! Cheers, Clinton
  5. LOLOL LOLOL Love the mask guys!!! Precautions taken indeed. Especially when you have Dave and Vince in the same room. Haven't felt the wrath of Gazza's yet. Perhaps at Colyton next. Looks like you guys had a great night!! Nice pics Vince
  6. Hi folks, Tooter(Geoff), Drummer(Dave), RePete(Peter) and myself had the pleasure of cuttin' some casual laps on Aussieslotter's impressive track. Yes it's bloody impressive!!! and flippin HUGE!!! LOL. Certainly lots of love & work gone into it. Doesn't matter if you're into Analog or Digital, it's one you must visit. Many thanks to Rick for his warm hospitality. Cheers, Clinton. P/S: I have also been informed by the man himself tonight that there are plans in the pipeline to build a massive routed track in his patio. Wait till you blokes see the size of it.
  7. Martin, hope you enjoyed your trip and the AFL. Happy Birthday mate.
  8. Magoo, I have an Artin Track system which I've sprayed with a dust coat of primer. Grip levels have improved and it looks great too! Your best bet would be to take your time and look around before deciding on track type. Drive on and try different brands and find something that suits you other than what you think others reckon you should have. Sure, value for money is an issue. Something cheaper, but more of, may not necessarily mean its better value though. Suggestion? If space is not an issue....try Carrera or Ninco. You're welcomed to test drive on mine if you live in these parts. That way, you can make up your own mind. Cheers, Clinton
  9. Thanks Matt, Good to see you back on here. Yeah mate, the yellows are always stunning on slot cars. Yes, the photos are mine. Mr Magoo, Slot It cars run brilliantly with the in-line configuration anyway. For their price range and out of the box performance, they are probably one of the best value slot cars money can buy. If you are into tuning and weight, the anglewinders has its merits too...either way, you should definitely include a Slot It into your stable soon. As for an opnion on popularity, i can only tell you what i like. Thanks for your comments. Eno, yup...was thinkin that! Cheers, Clinton
  10. Ok folks, we've been waitin for this, and i gotta tell ya, it looks sensational in the flesh!!! Haven't had a chance to run these beauties yet, but i'm sure Vince & Bo will give'em a good "thrashing" tonight! Stay tuned for a review on the yellow beast. As promised from Maurizio & Co. The new Nissan features an optional anglewinder mount. Car comes with In line configuration. Slot It have also introduced a new motor in the family: the V12/3. It's a new generation of motors, which improves upon its predecessors' magnets, balancing, bushing and cooling. The first member is a 21500 RPM motor, with 170g.cm torque, and a max power 0f 9.6W. The endbell is orange and carries the Slot.it logo. Enjoy Fellas!!!! YYEEEE HHHAAWWW!!!!! Cheers, Clinton
  11. Maurizio, Thank you for your response. Nice of you to finally join us. Welcome to Auslot and we hope to hear more from you in future. Cheers, Clinton
  12. Absolutely. Kudos to Brendan for the tickets. A very thoughtful and generous gesture that was certainly most appreciated. Indeed Eno. Sorry i missed you in the morning at Armchair, however i was told that you went home with a few goodies. Jim sends his apologies and said that he didn't realise that you were one of the auslot lads. Introduce yourself next time. A great day for sure!!! Good fun, sun burn & camaraderie at it's best!!!
  13. Gref, Perhaps you should give Repete a ring or pm the fella. He's the man you are lookin for Good bloke and always helpful........Alrite Pete, now where's that slab of Cold you promised me? LOLOL Cheers, Clinton
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