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  1. Ok thank you guys .A good read . Nice car .
  2. Thank you Phil .You still doing those amazing resin moulds ?
  3. Hello guys is that yellow xu1 torana a resin mould or ?????? Looks nice .
  4. Well i had a crashed computer & have been separated a couple of years ago which i lost a lot of stuff.Funny no slot cars , track etc did she get her hands on lol.Havent been on here for years .A very big Thank you to Vince as we were able to recover login details etc & am back .I am sure i have a lot of reading to catch up on .Hopefully all the great guys & ladies who were on here 5/6 years ago are still here .Looking forward to listening & reading so much more from all on here .I have missed this wonderful site with all you fellow wonderful people. Truckslot Jason.
  5. hello everybody I have been gone way to long from here .So much to catch up on .one year ago my ex wife scammed me badly & ripped me off.good to see not much has changed even thou a lot has for me .
  6. I am so glad u guys have had fun on this post.Love it & we are all behaving lol. just think we are not at full strength with our pace bowling battery due to injurys ha ha lol. Boof has brought back tough Australian cricket finally.love it lol. That's why we should have Australian coaches only .
  7. chris very funny lol.good stuff as always & great to have some fun & a laugh with you.
  8. Well well crickets world order has been put back in place. Love the way the poms have buckled lol. Yes the ASHES are back were they belong ha ha.How funny a certain person has gone quiet over in the British isles.lol.Any way we wont gloat too much like the English did.5 nil coming. Remember this is not personal only in good fun.
  9. Try toy shops & chemists
  10. The problem is guys that if they are not aussie or pom umps then they are duds simple.The problems only start when we get umpires from these other member nations .Thank god some have retired recently especially the biggest dud from south Africa he was a joke.3rd umpire for stumping's & run outs only .
  11. cleared first time ,but u sooks wont accept so double jeopardy, what a joke. whining whinging POMS at u best . I suppose u have trouble as individual nations to beat us in rugby so you need all of your nations teams together to try & do it & the IRB to help u. LMAO. Suppose u need this because southern hemisphere rugby is so much stronger. Bledisloe cup means more to us anyway as is the true test of who is the best.
  12. look at the score board Chris that's all THAT MATTERS . Wallabies won.
  13. Well Chris I have been watching & listening to ur chirping for a while . You poms have had it now that useless south African has gone goodbye he was a joke.Boof Lehamann will turn us around real quick a real coach & a aussie ,say goodbye to the ashes now.The job he did for qld showed a lot of how to bond a team by a coach who cares about his players.Yes u might sneek the first test if u r lucky,but the ashes are gone for u now.The rest of the smart arse cricket world better get use to the Aussies back to no.1 cause it has just begun.watch & see this is happening again Australian cricket team dominate over all of u.Bag us at u peril now ha ha lol.Watch Warner go now with the bat & watto & co.Clark will pull his head in now & become a good capt. Watched boof with the qld team live a few times ,he knows how to get the best out of his team oh yeah we are back.Our bowling attack is going to rip through u poms for sure.Hope u have enjoyed u dominance cause it is over.now we need to get rid of kiwi Deans & put in the link McKenzie & we will start winning against u kiwis,his time is numbered .It is a fact that who ever win the first test aus v lions doesn't win the series so interesting times.Funny how u northerners can only beat us in rughby as 4 lions ha ha should b Lions v Anzacs now that would b funny.aussies & kiwis together in a team anzacs against u northerners lions,probally wouldn't b fair hey us with our brothers across the tasman but we down here would love it but u lot probally wouldn't want to play that.
  14. keep the fun going guys we all love it.
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