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  1. Did someone say "suburb",.. apart from being 'Superb',.. for a While it WAS 'Suburb', when Bill Brown owned and drove the car. He and the car lived near my good friend Charlie Frost's place, in Wahroonga, just off Fox Valley Way and one could drive a Loop around this road, past Charlie's and down past Bill's and He Often used to 'Test' his race cars around this 'loop',.. no doubt Seriously annoying His many neighbours, but Delighting Us and any other Rev-Heads that may have lived there and whilst I have not Personally Seen the P4 'lapping' this Wahroonga circuit,.. one afternoon, WE DID Hear it !!,.. lol He was also know for occasionally 'Giving his cars a Run' along Mona Vale Road late at night way Back and the P4 was one that was as far as I remember actually being 'reported' !!,.. LOL,.. Ahhh, life was So Different / Better back then !!,.. ha Ha Ha
  2. Thanks for the Purchase Paul Hope they Go well and Prove to be effective !!
  3. Here are the Cars; Fly 88321 Ferrari 250LM LeMans 1965 'Kit' http://forum.ascra.c....php?f=8&t=1399 Fly 'Racing' Jagermeister BMW M1 http://forum.ascra.c....php?f=8&t=1398 Fly 'GB Track Lancia Beta Monte Carlo http://forum.ascra.c....php?f=8&t=1386 Fly 'GB Track' Porsche 917 Spyder http://forum.ascra.c....php?f=8&t=1385 New (UnUsed) Slot.it Chaparral 2E http://forum.ascra.c....php?f=8&t=1379 Scalextric Renault F1 #7 Trulli Team Spirit http://forum.ascra.c....php?f=8&t=1395 Scalextric Honda F1 Earth Car #7 Jenson Button http://forum.ascra.c....php?f=8&t=1396 SCX #29 Kevin Harvick NASCAR SOLD New (Unopened) Carrera 'Moby Dick' Porsche http://forum.ascra.c....php?f=8&t=1381 Carrera Klaus Ludwig Capri RS3100 SOLD Limited Edition 'Boxed' Dan Gurney Lola T70 http://forum.ascra.c....php?f=8&t=1383 Thanks for Looking
  4. Oh Well,.. Guess I should Try this again,.. Prices Reduced and Include Free Postage !! Cheers
  5. Actually, due to the Size of the Brushes used in Motors like these, this is Not an Uncommon scenario, as the Brushes are Quite Large, compared to the Many 'Sealed' Internal Brushed motors (which have Much Smaller Brushes). As they are only 3 Pole motors, with Larger brushes, depending on the Position of the Arm' One Brush will Often be spanning more than One commutator Segment. Were you Actually Using the Impedence Setting on your Multimeter, or just the Continuity setting ??,.. If the Performance of the Motors has Fallen Off, and If as you suggest they Have done a Lot of Work and the Brushes are Very Worn, if could be that the Brushes have Worn SO Much, that the Springs Have reached a Position within the Brush Holders, that they are touching the 'Brush Hoods' and No longer providing Real Pressure on the Brushes. If as you Say, the Brushes have Worn Into the Shape of the Comm', it sounds like perhaps the Commutator has been Worn quite a bit and may actually be a slight problem itself. Depending on the Amount of Wear on the Comm' it May (or may Not), be possible to Have the Commutator Trued (to give a Nice FLAT Surface) once again for the New Brushes, but may Also be Worn Beyond that possibility. DeathStar's aren't; that Commonly available these days (at Local Raceways), as I think they have been Discontinued, but both replacement Armatures and even New Motors are Still available from a Few distributors and ofcourse Ebay etc Depending on Where you are in Sydney, it may be worth dropping into or calling James at Hornsby Slot cars (for both Replacement Brushes and Springs and Alternative / replacement suggestions etc). Suitable Replacement Brushes and Springs ARE still available I noticed Hobbies Plus in NZ have replacement DeathStar Armatues still 'listed', as well as a "Proformance Racing" Parma Based Motor which may be a suitable replacement,.. but there are perhaps Other options. Hope that Helps
  6. stoo23

    Wtb Fly Bmw M1

    Hi there, I happen to have a Fly 'Racing' one for sale,.. see here; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1398 I have a 'link' thread here as well, under 'Select 1/32 scale cars for sale. cheers, Stewart
  7. Gee,.. I guess it must be a Bad Time to try and sell Slot Cars !!,.. :( So far, ONLY 1 Sold and not even any Non Serious Offers,.. LOL Free Postage !!
  8. Hi again and Thanks for the Info' etc. Glad it arrived All Safe & Sound etc,.. Cheers, Stewart
  9. Have 'Listed' a few Additional Cars and 'Adjusted' some Prices. NB: Scaley 312T Sold. Once again, thanks in advance for looking. Cheers, Stewart
  10. Hi guys and gals, as I realistically No longer race any 1/32 scale cars and could use both the Space and Funds figured I should offer them for sale, to those that may be interested in them. I have a few 'listed' so far, with others to come shortly. Most are either New (Unused and still Boxed), or at worst, Un-Raced but may have had some test/setup type Track time (details of which are with each unit for sale. I have them 'Listed' separately (with Pics), in the Appropriate section, over on the ASCRA forum, mainly as I am the Admin' & Moderator and makes it easier for myself and I don't have to try and find a Photo Hosting site etc. You can find the various cars as listed by myself (stoo23) here; http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewforum.php?f=8 The Prices are My Ideal,..lol, but am willing to accept Serious 'Offers'. Thanks in advance for looking. Cheers, Stewart
  11. Oh dear,.. what a sad loss. Probably one of the Truly Great 'Nice Guy' drivers of the world. There were Many who at times hoped he would run for President !! but he was probably Too Nice for That job !! :(
  12. Yeah !!,.. well there you go,.. Only just Started Reading this thread and First thing I noticed was the 'Wire-Wound' Brake Pot !! I have a 'Fanatic' style controller, (with the adjustable Mini Pots) BUT,... with the Economy Brake Pot,... NOT the Wire-Wound one. Even with the 'Retro' cars and occasional Scale type cars, I Definitely 'Prefer' the Economy 25 Ohm pot !! The Low impedance unit just Doesn't give me the Braking Power 'Variance' that I 'Prefer' for those cars and I am sure, with 1/32 cars, would be even Less effective !! As suggested,.. I Noticed, by Jim Himself from DiFalco,.. so in some ways My 'Post' is somewhat superfluous,.. lol,.. but was simply to say HI to Jim etc and to add My comment on how Great and arguably,.. 'Ultimately' desirable !!,.. lol,..it is, to be able to actually Discuss the problem with the guy that 'Builds / Designs' them !! AND get Correct Advice,.. from 'The Horses Mouth' as it were !!,.. Interestingly,.. I have found that over the time I have Owned and started using the 'Fanatic' for All my racing and I guess, Getting Used to it,.. I have found That even though I started with what seemed appropriate slightly 'Hotter' pot settings initially (and was good and did work), I have gradually Increased the Controller's Overall Sensitivity, to a Point that Now allows me a more Usable 'Range' of movement, across the controller, compared to what I had from the 'Initial' settings. Am unsure Whether Jim (Or anyone Else may agree lol), but I have found especially with the 30 Band 'Module' controllers, that if you find you are Turning the 'Sensitivity' Pot to a position Way Past Half way, then you can Probably try a 'Faster' Module !!,.. lol, which would probably allow you to Not 'Crank' the Pot so Far !!,.. ??,.. lol Might just be My driving,..
  13. Hey,.. Hi Robert,.. Great to hear from you !! I can certainly attest to the Chassis' Effectiveness, Especially around Waitara !! :)
  14. Hey there,... Geee,... You know, with THAT Helmet Colour & Style, one could be forgiven for thinking that Bruce must have let Jochen Rindt try driving his Car !!??,.... ;) cheers
  15. Hi Greg, As suggested by the 'link' in my 'post' and above, there is some interesting Info' on the BSCRA site. There was also some good info' over on the AB SlotSport site. Although the site IS currently being re-organized, so may Not be that easy to find. http://www.abslotsport.com/ I will bring my older controller and some 'bits & bobs' along to the Next Retro race at HSC for you to look at etc. To answer your 'specific' questions though,.. No,.. not currently using the controller, (mainly due to my own slackness in not repairing it) and NO (Not Specifically) regarding the 'Circuit' as such. John Didn't re-invent the Wheel. In fact he simply 'cloned' / 'copied' an Existing design of an earlier DiFalco model, to the point where the circuit boards are virtually Identical, (which caused some distress and threats) from Difalco !! Speak soon,..
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