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  1. Lots of good memories from racing on the old track. Looking forward to watching the new one develop and get into action. Lets know when you get to laying tape(or anything else you need a hand with) etc and I'll try to fit in a day to help. Cheers
  2. If you look closely at the last picture you uploaded you will note it is a 6 car receiver
  3. Yep - don't have fox and highlights to late so more time for slots. V8's are beginning to take a back seat here in favour of Gt, Group 5 and TCM
  4. John's track is still up and running. Was around there on Friday night. Depending on how recently you were there, he may have moved so might be worth checking his address before setting out
  5. Fully identify with you comments. It always intrigues me that two cars, same brand, make and model with different paint jobs can respond differently to the same tuning treatment. All I can figure is minor differences in motor rpm, torque, wheel base(width) and overall balance contribute to making two similar cars different. And yes, they are no longer pristine at the end of the process, and I do tell myself I will not mess up next time - but in the end I have to remind myself they are for racing and at the end of the day/season they will be battle scared. (would just like to start the first race well tuned and pristine!!!)
  6. This would be a good way to 'hide'cars under my track
  7. Seemingly unrelated, but I found moving from the standard scaley controllers to a Truspeed (with 36 steps) gave a smoother power application and therefor more control, less deslots.
  8. I have a small track I use irregularly for school fetes and other similar activities, so often used outdoors. I use INOX MX3 to clean it when necessary. Yesterday I set it up for an event in a school, not having used it since September last year. I forgot to take my can of INOX with me but to my surprise all I did was plug in the power and start running cars. It was a bit scratchy for a few laps but soon settled down.
  9. I have used Armor All Mult-purpose Cleaner on my track. Spray on, wipe off an leaves a clean track with good traction, however you then wipe off rails with methylated spirits and add a small drop on Inox MX3.
  10. Turned up to the group I run with the other night and couldn't get any car to run to my satisfaction during practice - even my cars which are normally good runners seemed slow and loose. Gave up on the idea of even placing well and decided just to enjoy the night and focus on driving within the limits of each car. As the night progressed I seemed to find one drive-able car for each class. Ended up placing 2nd in the major class and winning the supporting class. Now trying to figure out what to do with which cars to get ready for the next meet.
  11. I don't often read race reports - not knowing the people or tracks means there is only a little interest in the list of names and times. This report adds a whole new dimension and I will be on the look out for more reports from this venue. Thanks heaps
  12. There's Hobbyrama at Stafford, on the northside - I find a little more expensive although occasionally has something on special Hobby One at McGregor on the southside - doesn't have a lot and I rarely visit
  13. Dreamer

    Nudging -

    Our group races digital. The decision to nudge through often depends on the situation. If you are circulating with space around you we will generally slow till the other car is cleared, however, if you are in a pack of three or four cars slowing for or someone else's de-slot will often see you nudged by the car following you often leading your own de-slot. This can lead multiple car pile ups. In this situation we do tend to drive through. This is partly also because the de-slot can happen immediately in front of you with little/no time to adjust. On the other hand, we do have a rule that if your 'nudging' a car causes their de-slot then you must redress the situation.
  14. Dreamer

    Why Qualify?

    We run qualifying in digital racing to identify heat and grid position. Qualifying time also is used to separate people with the same points from the heats when coming into finals. We also allocate a point int he chaplionship for fastest qualifying time on each night
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