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  1. hi guys i recently bought a ninco murcielago I was just wondering what they are like to drive? compared with other ninco GT cars cheers Grand
  2. i have the exact same problem with these two cars but its the other way around the red car is the dog and the blue flys. very confusing
  3. hey mopar very nice job u have done their ay i likey :whip2: does anyone have any tips if i want to make a chassis for a 1/32 revell chevy bellair (the pink one) cheers
  4. the pinion my not mesh with the crown and becaus eof the offset motor it is only lifing the one rear tire
  5. if you want it to be smooth and consistant you can make a routed track which will always be flay adn very good for racing
  6. um not sure actually try to upload a image of the chassis it may help to understand the size
  7. sorry cant help with that one u would be better off buying a new engine around $20
  8. hey mate good to see some new people to the hobby this link is to the slot forum site and its contains a variety of info but this link will take you straight to the drag slot classes and ask in the drag category on more. bare in mind that this is a world wide forum and that the classes will vary her in oz slightly and the regs will be slightly different. any futher questions ask and i can see what i can do SLOT FORUM PORTAL SLOT FORUM DRAG CLASSES cheers grand
  9. the old cox chassis i obtained throuhg my dads mate i believe it to be 40 years old i dont plan on running it for race, i tryed runnin git on my track (scalextric classic but the controler sstarted smoking so i left it at that. p.s. i am not sure how to upload the images cheers
  10. hey guys just wishing to share my semi scratch build 1/25 willys dragster link to my rod i finished it a while ago its my first attempt cheers
  11. ok ill take a look thanks, its probably slippery coz of the weight but a little plasticene will fix that cheers
  12. i got my torry the other day and took it for a test drive it is just a sfast if not faster than the v8s (5.42sec) but i dont like it going so fast coz i dont want to wreck such as mafgnificent car. does anyone know how to remove the magnet safely without breaking any plastic mounts? i had a brief attempt but found it very difficult and left it.
  13. a gtho to go with the l34 and a slr500 or xu1
  14. i use home brand oven cleaner it works a treat
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