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  1. This clip is from the Mobile Raceways blue king.
  2. This video is from a race in Melbourne last year. These are Group 27 (not the fastest) lapping at about 2.1 seconds.
  3. Here's a great clip http://youtu.be/dchPW55k6pk
  4. I'm happy with this BigPond Cable , Melbourne.
  5. Its a Mazda Roadpacer. Holden exported them to Japan without running gear and Mazda fitted rotary engines to them. I'm off to work. Somebody can have a free hit. John
  6. John G

    Car Spotting

    That reminds me of something back in '70s. The Peter Brock Trophy slot car race used to be held in Huntingdale , Melbourne. Peter had shown his face at the track at least once. This particular year Peter didn't show , but his brother Phil 'spit pin'did. Would you believe he turned up in Jansen's double decker bus! We had a bright idea to go Maccas for lunch. Driving one of those things through suburban streets with overhanging trees and parked cars is quite a skill
  7. John G

    Youtube Vids

    Thats Ricardo Patrese, ex F1 driver with his wife in a Honda.
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