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  1. what do i have to do to add photos onto one of my topics
  2. Has anyone been to the states and been to the shelby factory museum/factory its great there. lots of mustangs and cobras and carrol shelbys prized possesion his first ever shelby cobra worth about $21 million dollars
  3. How good is the new brut mustang driven by allan moffat look, im probably going to get a few of them. Does anyone know if allan moffat drove the brut one first or the coca cola one first and then they repainted, because i simply cant remember.
  4. thanks guys i knew i was right now to deal with the ebay seller and get my money back
  5. can anyone tell me that evey scalextric ealy ford gt40 has a slight crack near the screwhole. beacuse i bought some thing on ebay and this guy clearly claims thats how it is and now theres a big hole in a rare ford gt40.
  6. i have a couple of those 76 bob jane camaros
  7. brad

    Bulk Buy

    do you sell any scalextric slot cars and im trying to buy bulk from someone like armchair racer or red racer someone like that
  8. brad

    Bulk Buy

    whats the website or placed called to get an account
  9. brad

    Bulk Buy

    i asked him but he refused. im looking for the suppliers that sell the slot cars to like armchair racer and that
  10. brad

    Bulk Buy

    does anyone know where a good scalxetric slot car stockist is. im thinking of buying alot of slot cars off them
  11. brad

    Bob Jane Camaro

    wow not bad cars ive got the 76 one but not the number 7 too hard to get a hold of
  12. brad

    Bob Jane Camaro

    now that the rare bob jane camaro has been sold out and worth alot the other camaro is starting to run out of them and go up in value now
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