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  1. The main issue with storage against wall was the need to have layout spaced off the wall when raising therfore as stated in post i use the hinged timber back that when layout is pulled forward it drops down which then inturn stops the whole layout from just sliding back against wall when it is raised I had put a lot of thought into this process as i need to be able to slide the layout against wall once lowered to allow room in front to stand. There are 3 support legs along front of layout each fitted with fixed wheels to aid in the sliding in and out. once raised pins are removed from base of legs and they swing in flush to bottom of layout. I plan to sheet the base in with panel board and leave small removable panels for legs hatch and power access this will be to the delight of wifey who currently thinks its ugly. Please don't heasitate to ask any further questions. Thanks..
  2. I did keep the original functions all additions of LED's were placed on the back of the gantry therefore i need to make a background sticker to mark what lights are what and three white leds placed under gantry between existing ninco sensors. Wiring inside is a bit tite due to amount of LEDs and resistors but as seen is possible as stated in post i installed a 25 pin male connector into base this plugs into a male connector on base / Layout battery only power is still also usable through existing original function. Thanks
  3. Hi all i am a new member to site but have been browsing site for some time. Thought i would share some details and pic's. Layout Size 1.8mtrs x 3.3 mtrs Max Elevation of track 365mm I had tossed around the idea of either going routed or plastic for some time and after much deliberation and i guess impatiance i decided plastic i went with Ninco which after running on a local track was very impessed with the quality. Plus the benifit of mag cars with kid's 2 girls Ashlee and Aimee and yes i told wife track was for them..Ha Ha Below is a near complete picture and further on the process it took to get there i hope not to bore anyone but will give resonable description to each stage. This is the Base constructed in garage. frame is buit from 90 x 45mm pine sheeted with ply glued and screwed due to my planned storing method. Initial track layout i used a track design program for scalextric for the design and allowed extra room due to size differance. Ply Blocks used to gradually increase and decrease grade to the planned hight these were also glued and screwed. First go at forming up the terrain using waffel pods used in concrete slab construction. this section would eventually become the ski slope. After laying down 6mm MDF for the track to sit on and test fitting the track it wanted to twist up in the lower left loop i used this to my advantage and created a super elavated bend. Same as above with finish coat of plaster Note sides and back have been sheeted in 6mm MDF This section is carved out of solid foam block and will be a river / water fall. As above but complete. water fall was trial and error using a melted plastic product ued for rail roads. Most scenery complete and after a back breaking task moved to it current location NOTE all things that are not real heavy do add up plus the fact of me wanting the biggest i could possibly fit through a glass sliding door. This was my first test to see if it would lift and store the way i wanted ( A Big breath and crossed fingers ) Method of storage is as follows. Built cupboard and attached to wall rigged up an electric boat winch ( under green blanket ) ran cable through holes in cupboard around a pully up through hole in top of cupboard to a neaprene boat roller mounted to ceiling then diagonally down to outer edge of layout / Track hook attaches to an eye bolt. Pully in cupboard is attached to a double thickness divider of MDF with bolts going through to a metal plate therfore there is no way of bolts pulling through. Boat roller is attached with bolts going through a 4 x 2 which spans 3 rafters in roof to distribute the load. this setup has been in operation for over 12 months without a problem. When lifted the layout clears light then roof by around 5mm this was more good luck then managment or should i say measuring. Near complete layout with UR30 timming installed and a pull out draw for access to keyboard and mouse under table i have a switch to remotely turn on the computer which is in cupboard under track. If you notice the Light blue MDF at the back this is hinged to the lower edge of the base allowing me to pull layout forward along the top of cupboard this board then drops down flat inturn allowing me to use the winch to raise the layout and have clearance from the wall with the scenery. The monitor stays where it is on wall as the lake area lines up with it and also when the access hatch is opened whilst track is stored upright it gives perfect access to the screen so i can add cars to program with out lowering the layout. Better view of hinged back and monitor clearance. Most scenery was purchased in Canada including working ski litf and ice rink and light house that rotates and lights up all buildings and street lights light up as well. Also shown is voltage reducers i made from a link on this site so i can wind down the voltage for the little ones these are attached with velcro as they would hit the roof when track is stored. Better view of ski slope as you can see in lower part of picture kids tend to be a bit careless when retreaving cars and break things EG Lights ( Now how can i descreatly install an electric fence to zap kiddies ) Final Picture a modified NINCO start gantry/Lap timer I kept all original functions which can be used by kid's. Incorperated appropriate leds for UR30 to Run on the back side therfore 2 red 2 orange 2 green start lights a blue fastest lap light yellow refuel / penalty lights and green race leader lights. and three independantly powered white leds to light up sensors for lap and fuel. Only thing to do now is make a sticker for the background with lables for penalty race leader and best lap lights. Gantry is removable with velcro one side and 25 Pin plug on the other again for roof clearance. Ps pit builing is yet to be done.. Well i hope i have not bored to many with my rambling but thought this would be a good self introduction.. Thanks for your time. :bday:
  4. Problem fixed thanks tsmsoccer..
  5. Hi all My name is richard and i have been checking this forum out for some time and have finally joined up. I have just installed the latest version of UR30 3.0.26r complete with IR sensors and overhead LED Gantry would like to know if there is any trick to getting the orange Lights working in the start seqence. I have red and green working but not orange it's checked on the circut settings and has a pin allocated The LED and wiring has been checked and works. I have looked elswere in forum but couldn't come up with anything. Any help would be appeciated Thankyou.. PS I will post my track info and pictures in the appropriate forum..
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