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  1. I've got a project going turning a Scaley Ferrari P4 into a Spyder version and I've decided to ditch the wheels and get some aftermarket alloys and Racer Ferrari inserts. The inserts fit perfectly into Slot.it 17.3x10 wheels but there isn't room for the Slot.it hubs, so I need hubless, which Scaleauto make. Unfortunately the Scaleauto sizes don't appear to match-up to Slot.it's. The 'D2' dimensions are listed in the catalogue as either 14.3 or 15.3, compared to the Slot.it 15.0. Does anybody have any of the Scaleauto wheels to measure the true inside dia? i.e. the hole the insert fits into? The Slot.it is 13.8 and the inserts are 13.7, which makes it an easy fit.
  2. Yes that first shot is a great pic Rainer!
  3. Typical Carrera, another year with the Ferrari licence, and still not one historic 1:32 Ferrari. Do they get some perverse pleasure from it? Does it give the other manufacturers room to manoeuvre and produce '512's or 'LM250's. What's the German word for 'wankers'? HandeSpielers? Otherwise I see NSR have another white Martini 917 coming. Nice.
  4. I don't know what 'it' is, but Holty has 'it'. An eye for the effect, the theme, the vibe, ...Mabo. The ability to make scenery out of not much. Great job again!
  5. KarKraft

    Flyslot Lola T70

    SlotsNZ, I don't know about the Lola, but the Ferrari Codalungas are more or less interchangeable, with a little fiddling required.
  6. Kerry, she's running like a PanAm 747! D'oh!
  7. Yup what she said. I built my base as you are proposing, from 90x45 pine and seven ply. It's quite heavy, so I get a gym workout every time I put it up and down. If you had a little room you could also build the pivot out from the wall by 1m and have some hang over as a cantilever. See the link at the bottom of my post for pictures. But Embs suggestion is the best, with ply as the skin, just like a Dehavilland Mosquito.
  8. God I feel like a cigarette - NOT!
  9. �� Thanks Adrian. (The Cougar has been in the pipeline for at least twelve months) Parnelli Jones Mustang? Is that a reissue? And the DJR XB and Torana that were leaked are missing...
  10. Me too. When not using my track, I put pieces of paddle-pop sticks in the joins. A pain in the backside - I'd never go Ninco again.
  11. No 'Art' cars yet... they are the rare ones. And Rainer, perhaps you have not seen this http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13558-bmw-v-ford/
  12. Danke Rainer This should be worth seeing
  13. Nice work! I was strongly tempted when they came out, but new purchases for my Le Mans winners collection keep throwing themselves in front of me...
  14. Yep, I saw that. And luckily, my Newman 956 has a spare one inside the box. Also had to shave the rear body post slightly, and I accidentally removed the 'Racing' decals.
  15. For those that may be interested (I was), Armchair Racer has for some time had some spare bodies of the Slot.it Porsche 962 Rothmans (1986 Le Mans winner) for $33. I hadn't considered them worth the trouble until I saw these on special for $55 as well. Throw in some correct wheel inserts and I've got a car I've been wanting for a while (less the box for collectors of course), for under $100.
  16. Most Aussie motorsport fans would know that Allan Moffat started his career racing Lotus Cortinas, but not many would know that the little Ford took him to a giant-killing round win of the legendary Trans Am series. That victory made people take notice of his abilities and put him in line to get a run with the big race teams. Recently I came across a handful of rare photos from that important victory, which are worth sharing here. Allans first forays into motorsport had consisted of some dabbles in club racing in Australia, but he gave it up and followed his family when they moved back to Canada. At that time, Team Lotus were in North America racing Lotus cars, including Lotus Cortinas, to help boost the image of imported Fords. Allan managed to talk himself into a job with Lotus as a gofer, as in go fer this and go fer that. But when Lotus were finished with the Cortinas at the end of the season, Allan purchased one to race himself and brought it back to race in Australia during the 64/65 summer. Sandown Six-Hours 64 Later in 65 Allan returned to the US and over the next twelve months built up his experience and racing credentials. That included getting his hands dirty helping out Team Lotus at the Indy 500, where Jim Clark upset the locals by winning the biggest American race in a British-built rear-engined car. Basking in the glory at the '65 Indy 500 By the beginning of 66 Allan had managed to convince Ford to pay him appearance money to race a Cortina in a newly formed touring car series, the Trans Am championship. The Trans Am would have two classes one was for under two litre cars (U2), where the main protagonists were the Cortinas and Alfa GTAs. The other class was for over two litre cars, up to five litres (O2), for the Mustangs, Barracudas and Darts. But these big cars were lacking in the development available under the rules, and the first round of the Trans Am at Sebring in Florida was won outright by the race-proven U2 class Alfa GTA of Jochen Rindt. Sebring 4 Hours Allan missed the first round but managed to put together an entry for the second round at Mid America Raceway in Missouri, but mechanical dramas put paid to his chances. What did go well for him was some help provided by a Goodyear race manager, Mike Babich. It was the start of a great relationship with Goodyear and Babich would continue to help Allan for many years to come. Mike Babich towering over Trans Am legend Jerry Titus That race was won by the Mustang of Bob Johnson and Tom Yeager, but second was still taken by a U2 car, the Alfa of Horst Kwech and Gus Andrey. Kwech had also started his racing career in Australia and would go on to be Allans rival for the rest of his time in the US. Allan was working with meagre resources at this stage, but managed to get some more help from Peter Quenet at Ford and Babich once again, to make the next round at Bryar in New Hampshire. The tight Bryar circuit was only 2.4km long and had five corners tighter than 90 degrees, so it could be considered equivalent to the original Winton circuit in Victoria: very tight and hard on the big cars. Bryar, New Hampshire Allan didnt make the best of starts in the race, getting away in tenth, behind six V8s, Kwechs Alfa and the factory supported Cortinas of the Alan Mann team. But the leading Barracuda blew its engine after only nine laps, putting Bob Tulliuss Dodge Dart in the lead. Bob Johnsons Mustang then attacked the Dart; the two V8s battling it out for the next hour until Johnson took the lead. Further back, Allans Goodyears were coming on strong and he made short work of Kwech, and then the Alan Mann cars, to be running in sixth. Chasing down a Barracuda After battling past the other Mustangs and Barracudas and he now sat in third place. At 1/3 race distance, Allan slipped past Tullius into second place and started after Johnson. Johnson and he swapped places in a prolonged duel until at last Allan took the lead when the Mustang began overheating and blew a head gasket. Now Allan led fairly easily, even managing time for a routine fuel stop without losing the lead. Allan ran out the 400km to win by a lap from a Barracuda, while Kwech and Andrey were two laps down in third in the Alfa. Taking the chequered flag Allan was naturally ecstatic: - After the race I asked Horst (Kwech) what he thought when I lapped him and he said, typical Moffat, youll just go off into the sunset and blow-up. I asked him what he thought when I lapped him the second time and he said, I thought Id better pull my finger out. The spoils of victory By Allans own admission, it was the most important win of his career. The Alfas and Cortinas would never beat the V8s again, and Allan was now considered a talent worthy of being given a paid drive.
  17. One of my favourite subjects SR. I did a simple swap of a Scaley Merc driver into an AutoArt Jaguar. It made a big difference. I also have a Spirit 936 Porsche and the Jacky Ickx figure is way too small compared to shots of the original at Le Mans. But then again, a lot of the Fly figures were bad too. Have a look at Immense Miniatures - great detail and cheap too!
  18. KarKraft

    Tony Stewart

    Whether or not you've seen the crash video, you'll know the outcome. Seems like gross stupidity on both sides. If you've been to the speedway, you will also know how those things are driven...
  19. They're an image I found from www.darthobbies.com, but I'd imagine most NASCAR wheels of the modern era would suit. Don't own any myself.
  20. KarKraft

    Le Mans

    I managed to catch some of the Le Mans live feed over the weekend. Anyone heard of there will be a highlights package on free-to-air?
  21. How about NASCAR wheels. From memory (which may not be correct) they were repainted Sunraysia steel wheels? From D'art Hobbies
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