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  1. Yep, the Martini is a beaut - Olifer have a chassis, but its going to be an expensive piece of kit when you are finished. I've got three Porsche 936s that could do with similar changes, but I'm baulking at the cost - especially as the UK guys have been grumbling that it needs a bit of carving to make it fit.
  2. Thanks all. Viv - not quite a young Moff, but you never know what Miss Ember may provide down the track. Vince - I tried to give Scaley a bit of a nudge by sending appropriate images to Adrian Norman. I thought the Trans Am round winner might have been enough to get a jersey, but no response. I did manage to influence the livery of the green Cougar, so they do pay attention. Sadly, Adrian and Scalextric seem to have gone their separate ways.
  3. Thanks guys - it was a relief that it came off. I'll be doing a white kit next.
  4. Ive put off painting a slot car for a long time now. I guess I was never happy with static models Id painted in the past and didnt want to scrap a car. But motivation comes along when I wanted a Lotus Cortina in Allan Moffat colours. I chose to base it on this photo from the VIR round of the 66 Trans Am series. This Scalex Cortina was the cheapest I could find as a donor car that didnt have rally accessories like driving lights and navigator. I also thought I could save the steel wheels for a later project. To strip it down, I soaked it in a metho bath for an hour, and then scrubbed with toothpaste to remove the last of the debris. Colour choices in Tamiya spray cans didnt include BRG and pale yellow, so I took a chance on cheap enamel cans from a big hardware chain. The bonnet required some careful masking, and it came out OK, not perfect. Then came some decals which were a combination of Pioneer and Monogram, and some clear enamel. I left a week between each stage to make sure it was all properly gassed out and dry before progressing to the next stage. Its not tuned for racing, but I changed the wheels for some Escort ones that looked right and added some Slot.it axle, bearings and crown gear. And finally back together.. If you would like to see more of it, check out back-issues of SlotCarMAG. (edited re: decals - I had a brain fade)
  5. So would someone like to put up some pics of how to cut/trim vac formed windows? Are there preferred methods to get a straight cut without leaving feathered edges behind? I'm going to tackle a George Turner 375 Ferrari soon.
  6. Peter Brock made his HDT second-debut in this A9X in 1978 -
  7. Not necessarily. The four-headlight grill has been the Falcon 'performance-look' since the XT in '68.
  8. Anyone notice this in the spares? 'PCR Underpan Ford XW/XY GTO Falcon'
  9. Still hanging out for the 1983 Le Mans winner...
  10. It'd be great to see a video of how the factory paints slot cars. That red pinstripe on the Camaro is the duck's guts. Jules?
  11. Nice - hope the price was kind
  12. Anyone spot the prototype XC Falcon?
  13. New Scalex Cougar fitted with better looking Pioneer Trans Am wheels and tyres. I also sliced the front off the chassis and glued it to the body so that I could drop the nose 2mm and get rid of the big gap over the front tyres.
  14. Gee Shadow, I'm flattered, but I have too many projects ahead of me. I do them for SlotCarMAG articles, and I have a year's worth of stuff lined up. Have a crack at it yourself - its not too hard. If you want I can add more detail here to help the process. Phil is right - the saw is a 'feel' thing. If you've ever used a hand plane, its a similar process. The teeth will shave out the plastic in a way you can feel it.
  15. KarKraft

    Andyjk's Track Build

    Hey Andy, 'tis coming along nicely. Can I suggest moving your fences away from the track edge or else cars will be able to 'ride' them at full speed without deslotting. Ember and I have done a few landscaping tutorials if you check our tracks. Ember's grass is the bee's knees. Best thing is to use diluted PVA glue as a base adhesive and a sealer as well. If you use 'turf' and/or 'grass' in blends, it leaves carpets for dead. Do some trial runs to experiment and match what you see in nature. You seem to have a good eye! If you are going to park something valuable under the track, can I suggest doubling-up on the wire rope clamps, and anything else that bears the weight? If something worked loose over time, it could be nasty.
  16. Have you been learning off FotoDoug?
  17. This one: Also called a razor saw.
  18. Yes it might be just me but he looks less like a Grand prix driver and more like a womble...
  19. Over time I’ve bought a few of Scalextric’s Ferrari P4s, to go with my other Le Mans cars, but I always wanted a Spyder version. I think conversion of one of these has been discussed here before, if not here, then on one of the other forums. Most people seem to just cut the roof open and take out the rear window. Here is the original car 1:1 size. It has to be one of the most beautiful race cars. I am not confident enough with paint to re-do the whole car, but I figured some careful cutting could improve things. As you can see the rear engine cover is moulded into the cockpit tray. I used my new best-est tool, a hobby saw, to separate them so the rear cover could be attached to the rest of the body work. I recommend a hobby saw to anyone looking to make precise cuts. One differentiating feature of the Spyder was the vent in the engine cover, which most conversions don’t have. I fashioned this one out of Evergreen scale weatherboard but filed down the faces to flatten them and dry brushed some shadow effect. Here is how the body looks with the rear cover re-attached and the roof cut out. Here is where I cut the glass to remove the rear and centre-sections. I much preferred Racer’s Ferrari inserts in Slot.it semi-hubless wheels over the Scalextric plastic items. Unfortunately these inserts appear to be out of production now. The paint stayed intact so I only needed decals, which are from Pattos, fixed with Microsol. Ember has been very kind to me again, and made a figure of my favourite Kiwi, Chris Amon to match. Seeing as the interior is now open and on display, she also repainted the interior. * Edited for typos
  20. With the 1-2 XB Falcon set, this Escort and the upcoming Cougar, this year might well be called 'International Year of the Moff'
  21. Great to see this kind of stuff - those headlight covers look difficult to get right.
  22. KarKraft

    Ferrari F1

    Wonderful - precisely the reason I don't own any F1 slot cars. I couldn't stop at one.
  23. Ah, there is a 166 hole in my theme...
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