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    Allan Moffat Cars

    I missed this post somehow. Great work Vinno - I've been tossing up whether to do this myself and breaking open the front box guards. Don't want to mess around with the blue stripes and make a pigs ear of it, so I'm still procrastinating. I did a wheel swap on the Moffat Cougar though.
  2. Not really worthy of calling this one a repaint. Found a Bentley GT3 worth converting to a Bathurst 12 Hours entry. A few decals converts it to the 2015 car of Smith/Kane/Bell.
  3. I picked mine up today. I must say I am encouraged because it looks better in the flesh than on the interweb. Get one while you can because the Poms haven't had any BRG releases yet and they are willing to shed blood to get one. Kudos to Southern Models for pushing hard for this one - they must have known it would create friction back in Blighty.
  4. Great project Gazza! You must have more time on your hands now? Does Patto do decals?
  5. Thanks guys - appreciate the comments.
  6. Over the years I’ve been steadily collecting Le Mans winners from 1949 to 1999. Unfortunately there a few Ferrari-sized holes in it that I have not filled. I managed to pick up some old Nincos which will help, but they need a bit of work. These older Ninco are a bit toy-like – the plastic is too thick in some places, the shape not always correct and the paint is translucent. This two-tone paint is a bit of an oddball choice by Ninco. I started work on the 166MM first – the Testa Rossa will take some patience. The 166MM won in 1949 driven by Luigi Chinetti and Lord Selsdon – and really cemented Chinetti’s relationship as Ferrari’s North American distributor and owner of the North American Racing Team. After stripping the car down, I detailed the cockpit in what I thought the correct colours might be. I saw this car in the Le Mans museum trimmed in blue suede upholstery which does not seem period-correct. The instruments were printed on a transparent sticker that I peeled off and replaced after the aluminium paint. The shiny chrome plastic wheels were replaced with Mitoos wire wheels from Armchair Racer. The body was sanded back and repainted in Ferrari red. The early Ferraris were said to be painted in a darker red, but I have not been able to find any period colour photos of the car, so I stuck with what I know. Decals were from Pattos. Here it is assembled. During the race it had a driving light in front of the grill, which was scavenged from an old diecast Cobra. I shaved the body posts and under the interior tray to drop it down and get rid of the wheel arch gaps. The rear details are not quite correct, but I didn't want to mess it up having got this far.
  7. KarKraft


    Gary Cannell from MRE in the UK commissioned some matching Robin figures. Having retired, his inventory is now in the hands of Pendleslot, so maybe they will surface there.
  8. That green looks spot on Vinno. What's it called and what did you use for thinners? I have bought the 3D model, so I am going to print the body. It would be interesting to compare them once I get around to it.
  9. That's great work Chris. Those Interlagos helmets are fantastic for the price. I wish they did something I could use - Michele Alboreto or Stefan Johansson perhaps.
  10. Thanks guys. The shady photography hides some sins. I used Pattos decals. They blistered when I put red Microsol on them. Followed by Tamiya clear rattle can. I now only use blue Microset, and Humbrol clear in an airbrush, and 95% don't have any problems with them. But I couldn't tell you if the problem was with the materials or my technique.
  11. Here is a build I did a while ago to plug a gap in my collection of Le Mans winners. I was always a bit frustrated that Slot It did the 1983 and 1989 winners only in box sets. Getting a white kit and building this one was a no-brainer being a single colour. Not sure the Porsche would be as easy. Nicely packaged parts. The car comes like this – lack of instructions was a bit frustrating. Up to this point, things were going really well. Paint and decals went on nicely. There were a few flaws in the clear coat – I could do a better job now, but it came out OK.
  12. There are also the Bob Jane Toranas - the Repco powered XU1 sports sedan and the A9X Group C.
  13. I think only in Spain. Essentially there is no need for exclusive releases in those markets. We have them because Southern Models stump up the investment to ensure local cars for our market, and insists on exclusive release. Media such as movies and race telecasts creates interest in our cars overseas.
  14. Another great selection of cars from Southern Models. I may just have to get that A9X - IMHO it was the best looking paint job. I hope the HDT A9X sets the standard for wheel modelling - the Jaguar wheels will need to be spot on. The same can't be said for the Bathurst Globes on the XYs. If you want a Jag, I'd get in a pre-order. The Poms on the UK forum are pretty grumpy that they won't have access to the BRG version at their suppliers until next year. I'd expect a few overseas orders to raid our stocks.
  15. KarKraft

    Calderwood Valley

    No trouble - he's a Ford guy.
  16. I did a bit of research into buying one of these, but was a bit put off by the $300 price tag. Lots of the bits can be bought as spares for small amounts. The mabuchi motor used by one of them can be worked out and is also cheap if you buy no-name. That leaves the aluminium fork and main body for around $200. I'm thinking it should be possible to 3D print them, but that's a project for another day.
  17. Thanks CapCom! Vinno - you may wish to consider this alternate livery. Personally I think it looks better and is more notorious for its wild antics on the opening lap of the '69 Bathurst race.
  18. KarKraft

    Calderwood Valley

    Good to see you in God's country Vinno - I am about 15 min away in Horsley.
  19. Thanks guys. Vinno, yes they're Pattos decals. Just so you know, he's missing the white 'Wollongong' decal that goes across the front spoiler and the 'DRIVERS' one on the front guard.
  20. Content on here has been a bit slow - here's a build I did for an AMC article a while ago. Being from The 'Gong, I've always had a soft spot for the Byrt Ford cars that appeared at Bathurst in the old Series production days. Started with a Scalextric Phase II GTHO in Diamond White. Opened the driver's window as required in the race regulations and turned 12 slot wheels from an Oz Legends die cast Falcon in to inserts. Added Patto's decals and a race driver.
  21. I used Humbrol orange and red enamel at 3:1 ratio for this:
  22. Nice work David. What paint and colour mix did you use for the Bob Jane orange?
  23. No, I had some spare pieces of track left over so I made a diorama on a board that I can take outside in full light.
  24. Really like yours Phil. Nice cockpit work.
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