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  1. No, I had some spare pieces of track left over so I made a diorama on a board that I can take outside in full light.
  2. Really like yours Phil. Nice cockpit work.
  3. It'd be nice to see this one: Maybe not like this though:
  4. Hi guys, The images may not work, but I'll try it Some time ago I wanted to dip my toe in the waters of Racer Ferrari slot cars. Buying a kit seemed most economical. Here is the 330 P4 Can Am kit. Cheapest I could get was the Gunston fags Paul Hawkins car. No problem as I wanted to do the Scuderia Veloce car as raced here during the Tasman series by Chris Amon: Here is the finished article, with the Chris Amon figure supplied by the much missed Ember, and SV logos by Dangermouse.
  5. Looking forward to it. Hopefully there will be a few things I need, and I can get some nice pics for the following issue of Australian Muscle Car mag. If anybody wants to find me, I'll be wearing a red DJR crew shirt. Brett
  6. This might have some potential.
  7. Nice to see the 65E GTHO available with parting-out a complete set. Rum Runner - back in the day, the F5000s ran a summer series and the tourers often ran as supports. After '77 Holden sacked Harry Firth and hired John Sheppard and Peter Brock for '78. Brock made his debut at Sandown in February in one of these support races. HDT didn't have time to build a new hatchback until the ATCC opener, so Brock drove the old four door. Bond debuted for Moffat's team in '77 at the same event the year before.
  8. KarKraft

    Fairmont Park

    He he, its been a while, but I'm just about there.
  9. Hi Guys - its taken time for publishing to catch-up with the event, but finally the story on Slotworx and the Dapto Three Hours is here in Australian Muscle Car mag out now.
  10. Imagine if they all posted?!?
  11. Munter: http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13667-the-indy-revolution/
  12. Thank you for the kind words. However I do have a GT40 X1 that has me stumped at the moment. Phil Kalbfel has been helping me with the windscreen, but I need to get motivated on a vac-form buck.
  13. It was the Scalextric Moffat Trans Am Mustang that got me back into slot cars as an adult. It looked miles better than those old Modeos painted to look like Aussie touring cars. But after buying a few other cars, I looked back at that Mustang and thought it could have been better. So now my painting has got to a good enough standard, I thought I’d have a crack at it. The tipping point was finding a few useful bits in a 1:25 static kit... Namely, a grill that I had to narrow and reinforce... ...and a bonnet scoop. I also wanted to drop the nose so it scraped the road like the Moffstang, but of course Scaley built some of the body into the chassis, so they had to be separated and new body posts built into the front. Still there were some obstructions – the exhaust pipes hit the side sills and the chassis hit the cockpit tray, so both were trimmed. As I reckon the Scaley wheels are undersized, I added bigger versions of the minilites from other bits I had around. But then the front guards hit the tyres, so rather than rebuild them, I heated a socket extension bar and used it to apply localised heat and stretch the existing plastic. I also added a few touches such as the windscreen strip and the light covers. The finishing touch was a driver figure from Pioneer that looked more like Moff.
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