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  1. Doesn't look as pretty as the Alfa but maybe?
  2. There is always the James Hunt option? Take the guy outside for a knuckle sandwich?
  3. Anyone found out why? Was it the "electrical" bit ? The roll centre with all the weight being low? Lower weight? Tires? The driver? Count me as not really impressed. When someone tells me where all the electricity comes from to power all the electric cars I will start paying attention.
  4. It's OK . The only sprint car i have. Came with Lil Ripper which is too much motor for me. But I also have a 16D which I have never used. The silicon covered sponge tires are better than the sponge only, on plastic track. Bit top heavy but 1/24 may not be. Randy? is a good guy. I did a review on Slotforum but all their reviews have disappeared. I sometimes run without the wing and it is more stable and doesn't have a tendency to tip. Or one could just go slower. Pro-track wheels/tires are very nice. Chassis needs a good scrub if you get one.
  5. I have one of these from Hotlaps. My office is no longer that tidy!
  6. If you are not going to race it then handling doesn't really matter. But I can't help thinking your wish not to be able to see the guide has compromised the build?
  7. Can confirm. I just cleaned an scalextric motor as one of my Starex trucks is noticeable slower than the other. Ran the motor in lighter fluid. No change. Ran the motor in half a small glass of hot water (too lazy to go to the sink so used water from the coffee maker) No change. Thought I would add some dish washing detergent which was empty so I poured some Windex into the already spinning motor in the hot water. The Windex water mixture went from pale blue to decidedly dark grey. So now hot water and Windex will be my new cleaning solution of choice.
  8. Sports, Have you tried running them in Shellite or lighter fluid in a shot glass?
  9. FLY in the wall

    Cheap Tricks

    But bushings SHOULD be sloppy in the chassis to start with - eg on Scaley or Fly or Ninco. If they aren't I file until they are. Then you set the ride height with some gapping shims under the chassis, bushings square on (not twisted), then you glue them in place. Surely the better way to set up collar bushings. I'm not setting up a race car or aligning bushings using a SCC alignment kit. I was simply optimizing two OOB Scalextric trucks with wobbly wheels. I could have glued the bushings in with nail polish or, or. but that is permanent or semi permanent at best. I read about the thread tape and thought I would try it.
  10. FLY in the wall

    Cheap Tricks

    Bushings sloppy in the chassis?? Wrap the bushing with a thin length of PTFE thread tape. A bit fiddly but works very well. You need a cutting board and an Exacto knife to make some thin strips about 120mm long. 60mm per bushing. Then simply snap the bushing in as usual. Not my idea.
  11. Are you saying your M3 is slower than other Carrera M3's? What exactly are the class rules? Are the other M3's using angle-winder motor-pods with long can motors?
  12. They all look like DAF cars with CVT like my Grandmother used to drive. So as fast in reverse as they are forward. Which is probably where the idea originated?
  13. May I humbly suggest you leave the painting until the absolute last. I have made that mistake before and got all enthusiastic about paint and then regretted as i had to pussy foot around the paint while doing other stuff.
  14. I have a brass chassis one supposed to be 1/32 but I suspect...
  15. At 1/32 I don't have that luxury My sprint won't have this much offset though.
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