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  1. Be careful what you wish for. There is at least one driver i know in one of those teams that drives very well after a choof. Teams are filled now but if someone pulls out let me know.
  2. Eno the gunna. Gunna do this and Gunna do that. Often spoken of rarely delivered. Give the project to Richard and maybe something will actually happen.
  3. I think the Dapto contingent is possibly the best ongoing component of national events. A more friendly,competitive yet welcoming bunch of guys you could not wish to meet. We all race toy cars but some guys are just good blokes and cut through the BS.
  4. I don't think there is much if any benefit to be had with the flat 6 with 1mm clearance with magnabraid. On plastic track with metal rails the magnetic effect is far higher than magnabraid. I am a fan of the flat 6 in anglewinder form but for different reasons. The shallower can means more of the weight of the motor is beneath the axle line. When the club runs with a no weight added policy then getting more of the weight of the motor beneath the axle line gives a handling benefit. Just as a tip John have a look at the top guns cars and i will bet you plenty they are running offset pods to get the axle up a little higher and therefor the motor is sitting beneath the axle line.. There is the real reason they run the flat 6 in an anglewinder. Nothing to do with magnetic effect but some of them maybe are convinced there is a benefit. Not me though.
  5. Shadow, I agree with the fairness of 'track braking' on ALL lanes, but from a motor builders point of view, I would like to see a 'LOW oHms' resistor, rather than a dead short across the track as the brakes - in the region of 0.5 to 2.0 oHms. My reasoning is that when a hand controller applies 'full brakes' it is providing a short circuit at the controller socket, but I would suggest that most track wiring would have about 0.5 oHms between the power source and the controller socket. This VERY low oHms will not 'kill' the motor as much as a 'dead short' ( I would not want to race a Gp15 and above on any track that did this sort of 'track braking' ) This is just my thinking. Dennis Dennis you think of things others don't You have way more electrical knowledge than i do but i think this is fundamentally an idea for scale racing. Group 15 and above is really only raced on a tiny number of tracks percentage wise of all tracks that are run. A track that provides braking on a track call creates an even playing field because no one gains an advantage because of the controller used. Some will say that heavier bigger geared cars will still roll more but they are slower to get going again so the status quo is renewed.
  6. I am really not sure what a national association would achieve? I am thinking 1/32 plastic when i say this. Not against the idea per se' but I can't for the life of me see what benefit it would be. We already have a set of rules for scale model nationals each year and anyone wanting to race there can do so. I previously raced at two different clubs in my own state and the feel and expectation at both clubs was entirely different. I would think if you went all around Australia it would be very diverse. Plastic racing is very much a hobby and often the racing is a bit casual. The various clubs have rules that suit them and it works just fine. What benefit would a national association give? Maybe some basic guidelines like wheels inside the guards, 1mm clearance, tyres no wider than 12mm etc but most clubs will have that in place already. Perhaps it may give greater interaction between enthusiasts from different states and that can only be a good thing. Jason makes a point that maybe local clubs can incorporate the national rules so racers can use the cars they always use if they want to attend a national. That might work but in my experience local clubs do what they want and what works for them regardless of any governing bodies rules.
  7. In fairness it is more about where the wires are centred rather than the guide itself. We are used to seeing the eyelets in front of the guide centre and this just looks odd. I am no fan of 4wd especially with only one side with a band. It may have an advantage on really low grip tracks but it is for most of us just another complication that is unnecessary. I would rather they gave chassis that were straight and true; right from the box.
  8. Excellent perspective. We have a wheelchair racer who races with us on a friday night. Rather than worry too much about lane change times we just hit the pause button but getting on or off of a platform is an issue and why should he be placed at a visual disadvantage? It is a tricky thing and I think he just enjoys the night out and some banter but everyone has a dose of competitiveness. It can't be a perfect world and we live with the realities we have to deal with. Good luck with this track from what i hear it is an absolute winner.
  9. I can't but help that think you are being disingenuous. You have burned some bridges that people welcomed you into and then scorned. You have made yourself unwelcome at places that held out a welcome hand. In short.no thanks .
  10. Well it has been interesting. I think it summarises like this. Someone got gipped 20 years ago and is still fearful that it might happen again. Without being disrespectful to John and i do like him, foam tyres are not the root of his problem at winning a class at the nationals. I think anyone who has followed the nationals results will know that foamies have levelled things out and with due respect to the organiser to his detriment. I would love to race where rubber tyres were the standard. I start with a massive advantage in knowing how to prepare them. The modern foamies that are allowed are good straight out of the pack so there is no advantage with devils brews which was the idea in the first place. It will be a new track, a great time, lots of hard luck stories and a few successes for different folks. Whatever things can be improved for the event foam tyres isn't one of them. PS the 956 is a better car than the 962 save your money unless you just want the car.
  11. One thing I know about rules interpretation of rules and people wanting things to be a certain way is that in the end, The fast guys will be at the front and the slow guys will be at the back. There is nothing surer. Spongies at the nationals from what i hear was a big success as it just removed so much hocus pocus that surrounds rubber tyres. People often thnk they are hard done by when the reality is they are either underprepared or simply aren't at the same skill level of those in front of them. The nationals are a year away and before the event is even started i know who my competition is and it has nothing to do with whether the motors or the tyres are handouts. It has to do with the people involved. There are some i know who can build a bit better than i can and there are some who can race a hot lap faster than me. I am confident that I can win a class or two because i don't fear anyone in plastic rtr. Winning is about the whole race. John build a good car, Race it as hard and as well as you can and after the event you will be a better racer than you were before it. That is the beauty of the nationals.
  12. I only ever turn up with one car. Sometimes with two sets of tyres but only ever one car. I do ok.
  13. I must try it one day and see how it works. I just think loose pods are a compensating factor for bent chassis. I have always found if i straighten the chassis and just ease off the pod so it isn't pinching on the chassis i can't get any laptime benefit by loosening the pod further than that. Except once in a MB slot Zonda and i still have no idea why. Just do what works.
  14. When the back end kicks out under brakes 9 times out of ten it is because one of your fronts is lower than the other. If it kicks to the left then your right front is set lower than the left and if it kicks to the right then it's vice versa. Put it on a setup board and see if it is visible. An easy check is take the fronts both off and see if the car then brakes straight. If it does then you have identified the problem and simply have to fix it and its pretty easy. It happens sometimes with scaleautos when you get a bent front after a hit but it is quite common with plastic cars. Hope this helps.
  15. Group C is still a great class but since the newer base cars now has .5 mm offset pod there is a slight advantage given to the old cars that all had a standard pod. The toyota is possibly the best of them but i still like the 956 porsche if the rules allow you to add weight as it is much easier to do that in the porsche than in the toyota. The newer Slot.its have lighter weight bodies also and it is worth taking this into account if you are buying them for racing. Even the newer liveries in the 956 weigh less than the older ones. I am waiting for the nissan r90 to be released as i just think it is a "pretty" car but i thought that about the jag and never ended up buying one. The evo 6 is just an evolution in what has been a pretty good chassis design.
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