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    My New Matra

    Well worth the wait
  2. its an out of production playmobil item with steel rods for cross members and aluminum tubing for railing added
  3. Thanks, good Idea..........................The basic camera is a resin playmobil repro, the lens is a lego piece, the shaft is a kebab stick, and the base is off a mini microphone stand.
  4. Another kitbash, just took a dremel to the roof
  5. I'm a kitbasher not really a scratch guy, except with scenery. Learning from other is always worthwhile.
  6. To answer, it is was 1/32 scaley GP Eagle with my last ab sport headers.
  7. see my new post with the completed Eagle
  8. YES, its all 100% beardog assembled by ab slotsport Here is a quick how to: 1.Strip all as shown on the scalextric lotus 49 2 Trim the rear transmission plate and reattach it 3 now it gets harder----FIND and attach ford exhausts and injectors. my exhausts came from old beardog spares that are long gone.The injectors were made from special target pellets with flat backs mounted on rectangular piece of thin styrene plastic. The other option is buy an old Eldon lotus and cannibalize it. You can see I've used both, if you look at the top picture with all the cars on it. Good hunting mates.
  9. Where to start? All of the Lotus cars with the exception of the #6 (Beardog Lotus 34) were based on kit bashed lotus 49's. The Thompson is based on a bashed SCX sigma. The Offy MG is a bashed Scalextric Tupperware Ferrari. The Thompson and MG are Slower than a 3 toed sloth, which makes for great racing. The Lotus's or is that Loti all burn up the track.
  10. yes it was a white scaley lotus 49b c3442
  11. my latest indy lotus, waiting for a couple of firebird decals to finish it up and I'm working a "how to" conversion of the 49 body.
  12. 3rd lotus 34 done except for touch-ups
  13. Hi NZ been busy getting old, guess I need to motivate my creative energy and make something new.
  14. I removed the exhaust system. removed the injectors, drilled holes where the spark plugs were, and inserted the injectors on top of the cams. Finally painted the top rear section, wheels, and front a arms with metallic paint. The exhaust came from another lotus. The decal came from the '63 gurney lotus decal sheet. I cut off the 93 and added the 12 to make it a '64. I still need to paint the helmet dark blue and add the lotus decals. Yes I know Gurney's exhaust was a not painted ..... but it should have been.. thanks for the assist munter also its 1/32 scale.
  15. gurney detailing done white GP Lotus and two Indy kitbashes
  16. sorry Phil, I just never understood 50's straight pipes on a 60's can-am, to me it was a bit anachonistic. A super car of its time totally dominant with extra horsepower.....the mind boggles! mark
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