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  1. Hi Gang, I am trying to decal a Sachs Porsche 962 #00 but I haven't been able to locate one picture of it and it's a very good view of the car. Does anyone have, or know, where I can reference info on this livery? While I am at it, the Kenwood #10 Black livery and the Repsol #5 White livery. I need as many views as possible, so that I can duplicate the decals. Thanks The Iceman Forgot to post a picture - http://www.imca-slotracing.com/images/0-0-...rsche%20962.jpg
  2. Great work Bo. Want to give me a little background on how you did this. I considering painting my Carrera Grandstand and Pit Boxes to add a little age to them any help would be appreciated. I also ordered Riggen Pit Boxes and Artin Grandstands to place around the track at different locations. The Iceman :aussie:
  3. Hi guys, Been reading the updates on the Scorpius project and I it appears that things are going great, and that is a good thing. My concern is problem you have encountered with the Ninco systems. I hope that you will be able to sort it out because I want to use your system on my track whenever it is released. Keep up the good work. If I can do anything to help, even though I am in Texas, I will. :aussie: Kirk
  4. Hi Guys, Well, set aside about 4 hours to work on my Ninco Master Track and discovered that I didn't have anything in the box except track, borders, track risers and a instruction pamplet. This left me with no options except to find someway to get my cars on the track, so I bought a digital conversion kit. That being said I also decided what type of layout that I am looking for, that will work with Le Mans in mind. I think Brands Hatch will work for me, because of it's elevation changes and sharp turns. The Mulsanne straight will be there somehow, someway. My question is two-fold -1) Is there any track design software out there that will allow me to build this track? - 2) Does anyone know where I can find some elevation information on Brands Hatch? One last thing, I found this web sight that deals with pit lanes and the Le Mans start and will handle 8 lanes. Take a look and let me know what you think... http://www.pitslot.de/#top Thanks, Kirk :clap:
  5. That is a most impressive collection of GT40's and it is my goal to get as many of them as possible too!
  6. The Iceman

    Ninco Master

    Guys, I purchsed a Ninco Master Track about 3 years ago and have never opened the box until this past weekend. I started looking around for info about layouts, cars and scenery and that's how I found this forum. I have a few cars like the Goodwood box set, Lola T70's, Cobra Coupes and a couple of Porsches. I also have the Carrera grandstand, pits and spectators with plans to order more items in the near futre. I am a big GT40 guy, so that means I am pretty much a Le Mans nut as well. I want to build a Le Mans start with real working pits too. I was reading Aussielotter SSD track build and now I am confussed about what I should do. Guidance is a great thing and I am looking for all of the HELP I can get.
  7. Thanks everyone, you have made me feel at home already. I am a plastic guy in the U.S.
  8. Hello everyone! I am just getting started in this wonderful world of racing and I thought this would be one of the best boards to receive advise from, thanks for having me. Ice Iceman a.k.a. Kirk Harper
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