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  1. get used to it people, thats the path little jackboot johnny is steering us down.
  2. Manic DO NOT repeat do not spray clear on windows the carrier [read thinner] does nasty things to clear plastic.
  3. c.o.b.

    New Slot It Car

    looks superb Bo now be a good boy and put it up before you break it
  4. thanks for the pics Vinno,hope to be down for the next one.
  5. I like that it says that theres no reserve but wants 250 grand Gee I can hardly wait to have a bid
  6. I think you will find that it's Maleny .sunshine coast hinterland above Nambour. about 1 1/2 hrs from Brissy
  7. c.o.b.

    1/24 Cheetah

    Jeeeezz I didn't know mum had gone to the races
  8. at least 3 that I can recall possibly more.
  9. I hope I don't wake up sleeping with a horses head. or the other end! still you have probably been to bed with worse
  10. Yeah, right. The only way I'll see those chassis is when I race against them. Dave we might have to pay him a visit godfather with an offer he can't refuse :(
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